“Trying” vs. “Doing”

“Trying” vs. “Doing”

Why this? Why now?

That’s a question we often ask people who decide that today is the day they are ready to learn how to eat to support their lifestyle and reach their goals.

The hard reality is that while people love the idea of change, the actual application of change is what defines success.

Let’s consider the difference of these two words:

Trying – Severely straining the powers of endurance. “I’m trying not to do that.”

Doing – The act of performing or executing. “That will take a great deal of doing.”

Which word best describes a more positive outcome?

Which word demonstrates execution and positive action? Which word would you choose to use to describe how you are taking action when it comes to your body, your health and wellness and your goals?

So back to the orginal question, “Why this? Why now?”

If you can answer that deep question, than it just may be the point in your life when you are ready to be “doing” something to take care of your body, health and overall wellness. You are done with “trying.

Don’t throw in the towel for the last weeks of 2017 because “you’ll be ready in January 2018.” Small, consistent changes each day add up to long-term change that makes a big difference. Record your day in a journal. Write out your goals. Be the amazing, strong, confident, in-charge, healthy person we know you can be starting today.

Take action!