Ryan Morgan

Ryan Morgan
Founder & CEO
- Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science-Rockhurst University
- National Strength and Conditioning Association-Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
- Functional Movement Screen –Certified Specialist

Before Ryan became a certified strength and conditioning specialist he was a successful baseball player at the college and professional level playing 3 years with the Kansas City Royals.  Ryan developed a love for strength and conditioning through his athletic career as he saw direct results from applying what he learned through school and personal research to his own workouts.  His desire to lead others started in college when he led the offseason conditioning program for his college team due to the fact that his school did not have a strength coach employed.  From then, he knew that if he couldn’t play baseball for the rest of his life then this was what he wanted to do.

After baseball, Ryan began working as the strength and conditioning coordinator for the St. Louis Pirates Baseball Organization, a premier select team in Missouri that works to advance high school players’ careers onto college and professional baseball.  Ryan built his own gym in 15 X 15-foot space at the baseball facility and started training athletes as well as many of the parents who wanted to get in shape.

In 2013, Ryan opened his own physical location in Maryland Heights, MO, and at the beginning of his career, he trained anyone from 13-70 years old.

However, Ryan found that he was drawn the most to training people who were middle-aged because he saw the tremendous benefits they were seeing and how much their quality of life had improved.

In 2017, he decided to focus 100% of his efforts on his passion of helping people 45 and older live a higher quality of life.

He is passionate about creating a business that is best at serving this population by teaching them how to exercise the right way for their bodies and how to improve their lifestyle so they can extend their life, prevent disease, and live without limits so they can make the rest of their life the best of their life.

When Ryan is home you will find him spending most of his time with his wife and 2 busy boys – ages 3 and 6.