Leanne Hansen

Leanne Hansen
Personal Trainer
Leanne began her journey in holistic healing, functional medicine, and personal training at the age of 18 when Doctors’ told her she needed multiple spinal surgeries and because of her many health problems and different medicines she was prescribed, she would never have children. Because Leanne would not accept those words as fact, she began studying holistic healing for herself long before it was popular and accepted.
She is proof of what Hippocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” She is passionate to share those truths with anyone who will listen.
She is living proof that our bodies are powerful machines and capable of much more than we realize and only limited by our beliefs.
She gave birth to her first child at the age of 35 and another at age 40 and another at age 41. Through quality functional training, she has been able to maintain the integrity of her spine. She believes whole-heartedly in the power of our thoughts as well as taking action towards our own well-being which not only includes proper exercise and good nutrition, but also a strong community and a sense of belonging. After decades of training in several well known big corporate gyms as well as training clients privately; she knew she wanted to be a part of a strong caring group of people who shared the same philosophies. That’s when she found Pursuit. She is excited to join this team of coaches and she looks forward to being a part of building strength in this positive family-like community.
Leanne started her professional career in the fitness field with the Advanced National Association of Sports Medicine certification. Later received the group fitness Certification thru AFFA and another certification to train pregnant women.
She took a small break to focus on raising her children and later went back to recertify through ISSA in Personal Training and Sports nutrition. She will always say, ‘No one can give you a certification in compassion, empathy, and passion for a life well-lived, but she intends to bring that to the Pursuit family!
In her free time, she enjoys dancing, hiking, watersports, and almost any outdoor activity, especially with family and friends.