Kevin Cahalin

Kevin Cahalin
Director of Operations & Personal Trainer
- NASM Certified Personal Trainer - USAW Coach Level 1 - NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist

Kevin started his career in the fitness industry in 2012 after finding fulfillment with his own fitness transformation where he lost 50 pounds. His experience has put him in a unique position to relate to many clients over the years who have struggled with similar circumstances. His willingness to share his own failures and triumphs are an invaluable resource that provides honesty, insight and encouragement!

Kevin has familiarized himself with an extraordinary amount of health and fitness knowledge. So whether you want to know how macronutrient contents will fit well within your calorie balance or your head position when catching a snatch, Kevin will have your answer. As coaches, we know our role isn’t just to show you what to do, but to educate you as to why we do it. His passion to teach you will have a profound impact on your fitness endeavors!