Chris Horn

Chris Horn
Personal Trainer

I was very athletic growing up. I played soccer, baseball, and hockey as well as ran track. In high school I played on the JV, varisty, and a club hockey team. Things didn’t quite work out at the collegiate level. I ended up working in restaurants all through college and was able to stay moderately active that way. Then I finally landed what I thought was my dream job only to later realize that it wasn’t everything I had hoped for.

It ended up that I was sitting at a desk all the time and not getting any exercise. My nutrition was poor and consisted mostly of pizza and mountain dew. Late nights, poor sleep, and high stress levels had become the norm. I gained a bunch of weight and lost my confidence.

When I rediscovered fitness, I was able to turn things around and regain my life. My mental and physical health improved and I was able be a better version of myself.

I’ve been training professionally for a little over three years now and I really enjoy it. I have a passion for helping people and there’s no better reward than seeing the people you work with achieve success.

I have a six year old daughter that is my whole world. Because of the lifestyle changes I made, I am able to set a good example for her and also do fun things like help coach her soccer team. I also have two dogs, a nine year old rottie named Dakota and a puppy named Cali. I enjoy going on walks with them, hiking and biking for leisure time. My favorite time of the year is summer and I love going out to Innsbrook and hanging out on the lake.

Chris will be working Monday evenings and will rotate on Saturdays.