Anna Sherry

Anna Sherry
Food Coach & Personal Trainer
- Bachelor in Exercise Science: Simpson College - Precision Nutrition Level 1 - Precision Nutrition Level 2 (Ongoing)

I grew up in an athletic household, always running to various practices and events. I have always enjoyed exercise and viewed it as a fun activity to spend time with my family and friends and a way to relieve stress. Frequent movement was always a part of my life, and as I grew older, I became addicted to the feeling of euphoria when working out. Exercise is so much more than image, it makes you much happier!

I have experienced friends and family struggle with various diseases and complications from weight gain, but also turn their life around and find a healthy solution with exercise. That is such an inspiring thing to watch and I want to share that with as many people as possible. The best part about a healthy lifestyle is that you get to do what you enjoy! Find something you love and stick with it, no need to run marathons if you hate running!

I strive to help others find their connection with physical activity and make it a part of their life. I look forward to continuing my education with schooling and experience. I believe everyone has the right to understand how their mind and body are connected and experience firsthand how exercise can giv