Tom Harman (June 2015)

Tom always walks in with a smile on his face!  He has had quite a journey with his health and fitness and has come a long way.  He is inspiring to his friends and family, and sets a great example to those around him.  After just a few months here at PFP Tom saw some pretty dramatic health screening results and has been a believer every since. He shares about his experiences any time he gets the chance and is always welcoming to new members.  PFP is a Harman Family Affair, Tom is a member along with both his daughters Abby, and Madelyn, and his wife Lori.  Families that sweat together, do stick together!  Here is Emily’s story in his own words:   

“My experience in the short nine months that I have been with the PFP family has been a very rewarding journey. The two key words that I will be using throughout my story will be family and journey. I was inspired to come to Pursuit as a result of seeing the accomplishments gained from my beautiful wife. She was the key in me starting this journey. In my business environment I always dwell on the fact that motivation comes from within and leaders inspire people to achieve goals. My wife is that leader for me.

I really enjoy my three workouts per week particularly the variety of exercises that the PFP family has constructed for me. I am treating this as a marathon versus the quick fix that everyone is looking for these days.  My goals that I have set are fairly straight forward from getting in better shape by vastly improving my vitals in blood pressure and BMI to giving me back the opportunity to hit a golf ball farther. My upper body flexibility today can be compared to what I had back in my 30’s which is not bad when you are 62 and getting older!!

My goals for the future are continuous improvement and staying with this program. I am also fortunate to have my daughters Madelyn and Abigail involved with PFP and I can see the benefits they are deriving from the program as well. Also they love giving their ol’ Dad a little push now and then!!!

I will leave you with this final thought. Success is not a destination but a continuous journey. I look forward to working with the Pursuit family because you get it!!  Strength and drive will keep you alive!!”