Today we celebrate our fifth birthday. I’m not really the type of person that takes the time to pause and reflect on the past.

Most of the time my mind is always racing forward with new ideas on how we can improve, learn and grow. In fact I would say I probably spend 99% of the time thinking about the future but today I purposely took some time to reflect on how far we’ve come and what we have built over these last 5 years.


I had finished my career with the Kansas City Royals and I had to figure out what I was going to do next. For so long I envisioned myself as a major leaguer and now that dream had reached the end of its lifespan.

I followed through with a couple options before I really knew what I wanted to do:

  1. I submitted my application for physical therapy school. I already had the prerequisites from college and could start the doctorate program the following year.
  2. I submitted an application to get into an accelerated nursing program at Barnes Goldfarb School of Nursing. I was accepted to the class for the next year.
  3. I approached the owner/operator of the high school select baseball team that I worked with in the off season about creating a strength and conditioning program. I would work with his athletes for free for the ability to start my own business personally training some of the athletes who wanted more.

The one constant here was that I had a passion to help people get better every day and I had to find a career where I felt like I was making a difference in someone’s life every day.

But I also had a huge desire to create something of my own. My Mom inspired me to have an entrepreneurial mindset from a young age and it stuck with me all my life.

So I picked option #3.

Now I won’t recap the details of how I went from training athletes to training a population of people mainly 45-65 years old. You can read more about that in my post “The Birth of the P3 Method”, but I will tell you that it wasn’t a path I originally expected to get on.

Have you ever been on a hike deep into the woods where you really weren’t sure 100% where you were going? Maybe the path forked a few times and you didn’t know what direction you should take? But you kept going anyway and in the end you were rewarded with the most beautiful view that you never even knew was there!

That is what I feel like this five year journey has been like. Even though I didn’t know where the heck I was going half of the time, we have somehow figured things out and have managed to create something beautiful, unlike any other place in the world.

And I am incredibly proud of it.


One thing I have to say is that this “figuring out” process was not figured out by me alone. I can’t tell you how many questions I asked and how many people I bugged trying to understand how the heck to run a business. I was probably the most annoying person at every seminar I went to. I always asked the most questions, emailed the speakers afterwards and did everything I could to pick the brains of the people I saw as successful.

Then there is the emotional side of running a business. Things that you can never plan for will happen and sometimes you will feel like you don’t know anything at all and that it all is crumbling before your eyes. My wife and family members have always been there for me to listen to my struggles and lift me up when I have been down.  If I didn’t have the people closest to me to share my feelings with such as my wife, mom and mom #2 (my mother in law) I would literally not have been able to make it past year one.


I don’t know what the hell I did to deserve the people that have come into my life but I feel incredibly lucky to be surrounded by the amazing people we have on our team.

Adam, Anna, Andrew, Jenny, Katie and even our coaches from the past have all left their impact on Pursuit Fitness. Each person on our team brings value to our gym in a different way and it’s the culmination of our team working together that has helped us grow. We have all different strengths and weaknesses but we all have the same values and are working toward the same vision of what we want Pursuit to become.

It is only with their help that we will reach our potential. My focus is on helping them grow just as much as it is helping myself grow because my goal is to create fulfilling, long term, rewarding careers-not just a job. In fact, I changed our mission statement this year from “Helping our members become the best version of themselves” to “Building a great community that enriches the lives of our members and employees” because that part is so important to me. People spend most of their lives at their job and I want to create an environment that people are proud to work at.


One thing that sets our gym apart from every other gym is our amazing community of like minded members that we have here.

Our members have not only stuck with us but they have taken on roles of their own in our gym…some without even asking. I truly believe this is the sign of a real community.

We have members that introduce themselves to new people and take pride in making them feel welcome. The gym is an intimidating space for the majority of people who are just starting their own journey with health and fitness. For our new members to be put at ease and immediately have a friendly interaction with someone other than a coach is such an amazing gift to our community.  

After workouts I hear members sharing stories with newcomers about their own journey, encouraging them and giving them confidence that they will be able to reach their own goals. No matter how much we try as coaches it will always mean more to hear that type of encouragement from one of our members. Our members pay it forward.

Now our members are getting involved with leading events such as hikes (thank you Michelle and Libby!) and are wanting to take the lead on these types of things that encourage a healthy mindset away from the gym.

The funny thing is this was a goal of ours in 2018 to get members involved with leading events such as bike rides, hikes, 5K teams, mud runs, etc. but it just happened naturally. Both of these members approached us, not the other way around. Another testament to the community! (Quick sales pitch: We are actually wanting to get more members involved with these events this year so please let us know if you want to lead something in the future. 🙂 )


So with that I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who has helped shape Pursuit Fitness into what it is today.

To my coaches, friends, fellow gym owners, current and former employees, members and former members and most of all God and my family; Thank you for supporting me on this journey and for giving me a sense of clarity that I am exactly where I am supposed to be, doing exactly what I am supposed to do with exactly the right people.

Our mission is clear, our purpose is clear and we intend to never stop striving to become the best we can be in the many multiples of 5-year anniversaries to come.



Pursuit Fitness and Performance
Founder and CEO


  1. Casey

    Love you!

  2. Donna Morgan-Bek

    I could not be prouder of my baby boy! You went for your dream and your passion and though
    There will be twist and turns in life, you will be joyful. All that happiness will flow throughout
    your family making you an even better husband and father and the best son anyone could
    ever hope for! Daddy, Bob and I are cheering for you. Don’t forget to put the Lord into this
    equation and nothing will be impossible. I love you so very much and of course, Casey,
    Merrick and Kyver too! Behind every successful man is a wonderful ul woman. You a re so
    blessed to have Casey as your best friend and wife!