Three Tips to Burn Body Fat + Free Download

Three Tips to Burn Body Fat + Free Download

Dear Amy, Bill or Jennifer…or insert your name here.

Do you have goals of dropping a clothes size to finally be able to wear the clothes you want to wear this summer and not just what’s on the rack? Or maybe you just have a bit of extra weight that you’re struggling with to finally feel comfortable in your own skin in order to take the beach vacation this summer?

You’re not alone. Our new members share these same struggles with trying to burn body fat.

So what gives? It usually goes like this…

“I am going to the gym and running or using the elliptical and I’m eating healthy…”

“I know I should be going to the gym but I’ve been on the back-burner to my life, career, family, and my health is only getting worse year after year…”

Those are tough places to be stuck in! Often the problem is that people often rely on cardiovascular exercise (cardio) alone to burn body fat while eating far too little of calories.

Can you relate?

We want to share with you how you can finally lose weight with our 3 Tips to Burn Body Fat Fast. And, we promise you won’t get bulky…PROMISE!

Tip 1. Add Weight Training

You want to make your body a fat burning machine through weight training and building lean body mass. Yes, we call it adding muscle but don’t think you’ll look like Arnold with a pony tail!

P.S. You’ll also increase your bone density using weight training. And, we all know that’s important as we age, right? 🙂

Tip 2. Do High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Instead of relying on boring old cardio that goes for hours, keep it short and sweet with 20 minutes of HIIT. Download our free workout to see how easy it can be. Similar to how we train our members, you too can adjust the intensity to accommodate your fitness level.

Tip 3. Use Circuit Training

Pair up several weight training exercises in a sequence to keep your heart rate up while avoiding your workout from getting boring. See some great examples of various exercises in our free download.

Give these 3 Tips a GO!  If you’re using our tips to burn body fat in the gym and not seeing the progress you’d like, it may be time to shake up your exercise program with our 9 for $99 Training Sessions Special.