Three Dieting Hacks for Long Term Success

Three Dieting Hacks for Long Term Success

 9 out of 10 people who lose weight will gain it all back in less than 3 years, if not more. We’ve all been there.

America doesn’t necessarily have a weight loss problem. We have have a weight maintenance problem.

What I find for even myself is that there are three hacks that I continue to come back to time and time again. They have worked for me and my clients for the past 17 year and I’m confident you’ll find them helpful, too.

Moderate. If you can’t moderate, alternate. If you can’t moderate or alternate then eliminate.





Choose lower portions of foods or beverages to be able to fit in overall nutritional goals.

Example: Venti Starbucks vs grande, 1 slice of pizza vs 3 slices of pizza.

Moderation is key. You’ve heard this saying and it’s true from my experience. It is a simple concept, but not always easy to implement. Learning how to moderate and fit a variety of foods in your diet that will take patience and some practice, but when you’re able to conquer this principle you will be able to enjoy more foods, be social and have sustainable success.



Choosing a lower calorie option that closely mimics the taste of a higher calorie foods.

Example: Regular pizza vs cauliflower crust pizza, Halo Top ice cream vs Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.

Ok, so the alternative may not always taste as good, but dieting is about trade offs and if you can lower calorie intake to include more volume while staying sane and diminishing cravings you’re doing a great job!

Be open minded as well. I have found these healthier versions can taste great. They say diets make chefs. Being on a diet can definitely force you to get creative in finding and making lower calorie options that still makes you feel like you’re having some of your favorite “fun” foods.



Personally choosing to completely avoid certain foods, because they don’t align with your goals and/or you’re not able to moderate or alternate.

Example: For me it’s Cheez-Its or any type of cracker. I can’t moderate them (I’ve tried, lol) and I haven’t found an alternate I like. I have chose to eliminate them, at least while it doesn’t fit in my current nutrition goal. Your goals dictate the strictness of your diet.

Example: During contest prep I cut out all alcohol. Summer prep I moderate it only on the weekends.

I hate to ever eliminate, but often times it’s just useless junk that is not needed or it’s a trigger foods that leads to binging and not being able to moderate. Learning this is a huge part of empowering yourself to make choices and being successful. Dieting is about some sacrifices and finding balance.

Hopefully these THREE Dieting Hacks are easy for you to remember and start putting to good use right away.

If you’re struggling with changing your habits to lose weight, gain energy, and feel more confident everyday, I highly recommend considering a coach. Successful athletes have coaches. Successful business people have coaches. Successful clients have me!




Anna Sherry

Food Coach Pursuit Fitness and Performance