The Surprising Exercise Mistake Most People Make

The Surprising Exercise Mistake Most People Make

A common mistake we see in peoples’ form during exercises when they first start training with us in using an incomplete range of motion. There are a few reasons why this happens and a few reasons wny it will negatively affect your results.

Part of the reason for not doing a full range of motion could simply be lack of awareness. Your body naturally defaults to trying to do an exercise the easiest way, and without the extra eye of a trainer or the knowledge of the exercise it it very common to do a partial range of motion. Two examples would be an overhead dumbbell press or a squat.

Another possible reason for doing an incomplete range could be a movement restriction – either lack of mobility or due to a past injury that prevents your body from being able to do the full exercise. This is a major reason why we start all our members with the functional movement screen to make sure that they can do movements well before they start doing them more often. If there is a movement restriction we can often improve on it quickly by doing corrective exercises or an alternate exercise and get you pressing all the way up or squatting deeper.

The biggest benefit to doing a complete range of motion is that it keeps more muscle tissue active in the movement. This allows you to have more strength in the movement by using your muscles more effectively. The added bonus is that using more muscles means your body is more metabolically active and will burn more calories and get your heart pumping more, meaning you’ll FEEL the workout more and get more out of it.

If you’re unsure about how to do a movement correctly or think you’re doing something incorrectly you can benefit tremendously from getting help from a trainer. At Pursuit,  we have structured our programs so that all of our members receive individual attention during each session they attend, even when they are in a group training session. This commitment to consistent, personal attention sets us apart from other gyms.

Click here to see  our video where Adam, one of our trainers,  demonstrates an incomplete range of motion and what a complete range looks like.


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