Summer Vacation Workout

Picture of a pier and a beach.

It’s finally here. Summertime.

Whether you choose to spend it laid-back on the beach or you’re one of those people who goes North for the summer (seriously, you’re doing the “snowbird” thing wrong), the summertime brings summer vacations and travel.

We hope your summer is full of good weather, fun times, and maybe a little summer lovin’.

All of those good times and trips are well deserved. Most people are happy to lay off from the gym and workouts during the summer. But not you.

You’re awesome. You have goals. You care about yourself and want to do something to make sure your taking steps to better yourself. You want to make sure you don’t let your workout habit fall-off.

Well, we can help with that!

While we would love having you at Pursuit all the time, we get that that isn’t practical all summer. Here’s a few things to keep in mind when you’re away from Pursuit:


First things first: You have to make sure your approaching your summer vacation workouts with the right mindset.

Yes, it would be awesome if every workout was the perfect workout. But that isn’t very likely.

Think about it: you’re away from your normal gym, out of your regular routine, don’t have a coach helping you, and probably don’t have just the right combination of Taylor Swift, Reggaeton, and 80’s Rock music to motivate you.

Your workout won’t be perfect. It’s best to accept that beforehand rather than be disappointed afterwards. With that said, your workout still can be beneficial! Which leads us to the next point.

Scout’s Motto

Confession time. I grew up being in the Boy Scouts for several years. While I would struggle today to start a fire without a match or pitch a tent without some help from good ol’ Google, I do remember their motto: Be Prepared.

“Failing to plan is planning to fail.”

When it comes to your workouts while on summer vacation make sure you’re prepared.

  • Does the hotel you’re staying at have a gym? What equipment do they have? Does the hotel have a deal with a nearby gym for free day passes? (A lot of hotels do. Give them a quick call if you’re not sure)
  • Is it in an area where you can go outside and walk/jog/exercise?
  • Did you pack workout clothes and shoes?
  • Have your resistance bands with you?
  • Do you have a plan for your workout?

So, you’ve called the hotel. You know what the workout set-up will be. But still struggling with the actual workout plan?

Here’s a good, quick circuit workout that will keep you on track with your workout habit, moving towards your goal, but also won’t take up all of your vacation day.


The Warm-Up:

  • Glute Bridge x 10

  • Cat-Cow x 10

  • Half-Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch with Rotation x 8 each

  • Open Half-Kneeling Adductor Stretch x 8 each

  • Squat to Stand x 10

  • Alternating Lateral Squat x 8 each

  • Jumping Jacks / Step Jacks x 15


The Circuit Workout:

Perform each exercise one after the other. Once you complete all of the exercises, rest for a minute (or until you’re heart rate gets back down to a controlled level and you are able to breath easy) and then repeat it all for 3-5 rounds


  • Squat x 15-20

    • Hold a resistance band for a little extra challenge.
  • Push Up x 10-15

    • Raise or lower your hands to make it harder or easier as needed.
  • Step Up x 10-15 each

    • Slow on the way down. Start with a low step and increase height to make harder.
  • Band Row x 15-20

    • No pole to wrap a band around? Do band pull aparts instead.
  • Plank x 20-40 seconds

    • Reach out with one arm for another challenge. Just keep the hips steady.

If you want to add another challenge to the workout, set a timer on your phone and see how fast you can get it all done. With a friend? Perform each exercise for 30 seconds while your friend times you. After you do the first exercise, your friend does the same exercise for 30 seconds as you rest and time them. Then you go onto the second exercise and so on.

For the Pursuit members: check the Member’s Area for some more in-depth workouts on the road with video links for the exercises.

Feel free to add some more fun and creativity to your workout. Do the workout under the sun, on the beach, in a park, use rocks or sand buckets as weights – it’s all fair game!

The point is you’re enjoying vacation while still knowing you’re keeping on track with your goals.

Do you have a trip coming up?

Let me know in the comments your plan for how you’re going to stay working towards your goals while on vacation. If you need more help coming up with a plan, I’m here for you – put it in the comments below!

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Coach Andrew

Pursuit Fitness and Performance