Sports Performance

The Sports Performance program at Pursuit Fitness & Performance starts with us treating each athlete as a unique individual. The goal in our sports performance program is not to give our athletes the fanciest program on the market, but instead to look at the foundations of quality movement and core strength so we can build a strong foundation from the ground up. Too often, athletes are thrown into strength programs their bodies are not ready to handle, and to be perfectly honest, these programs do more harm than good. Simply throwing someone with imbalances and deficiencies into a generic program is like racing a car with bad alignment – it won’t take long for the wheels to fall off!

At PFP, we search for the weakest link by assessing each athlete’s movement patterns and then we build a program based on their needs. Here are the basic steps we take with each athlete:

1) An initial Functional Movement Screen (FMS) to ensure that you are cleared to train safely.
a. This screen will help us identify the areas that are limiting your performance.
b. This screen is now a requirement at the NFL combine and is used by many other professional organizations such as the MLB and NHL to determine injury risk and movement impairments.
c. By analyzing the screen we can put together custom corrective exercises to help fix deficiencies and muscular imbalances, thus providing structural balance for the weeks to come. Fixing these imbalances is the key to preventing injuries and maximizing performance.

2.) Once a solid foundation has been laid, the fun begins. Now is the time to improve muscle size (hypertrophy), density (strength) and force production (power) to increase performance. Typically, a 16 week program would look like this:

Phase 1) Structural Balance
Phase 2) Functional Hypertrophy
Phase 3) Functional Strength
Phase 4) Power

3.) Incorporated with our training program is a plan to address everything the athlete needs to do outside of the gym to maximize results. A few areas that we address are as follows.

1) Nutritional Foundations
2) Supplementation
3) Quality Sleep and Stress Management

If you want to participate in a program that will address the specific needs of your body and will give you the best chance to improve your performance while decreasing the likelihood of getting injured then Pursuit Fitness & Performance is the right fit for you.

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