Shanna Taylor (April 2016)

Shanna Taylor used to be a fast food junkie. As a busy property manager, her eating habits fell to the wayside. “Every day at lunch a coworker would go to Lee’s Chicken, Taco Bell or Burger King…and I’d just ask them to grab me something,” Shanna says. Her job, managing over 300 rental properties around the St. Louis area, requires her to sit at a desk taking phone calls all day. Shanna belonged to Club Fitness as a means to work off her fast food habit and sedentary lifestyle, but she wasn’t seeing the results she wanted to. “It wasn’t productive at all,” Shanna says of her previous gym experience. “I’d just stand around and talk with my sister-in-law and nieces, it was so easy to get sidetracked and not accomplish what I came to do.”

Then, one evening while browsing on Facebook, Shanna discovered Pursuit Fitness and Performance. An ad popped up on her sidebar for a Spring competition and Shanna decided to join. “I had a lot of anxiety about joining the gym to begin with,” Shanna says. But she talked a coworker into going with her and she took the plunge.

Shanna immediately fell in love with group training at PFP and signed up to become a member. She’s completed every competition since! “The more I went the stronger I felt and with every new phase of workouts I challenged myself to lift more weights and do more reps. I enjoyed just constantly challenging myself to be better.”

The culture at PFP helped to shape Shanna’s eating habits as well. She left her fast food cravings behind and developed a new, healthier lifestyle, incorporating lean proteins and vegetables into her diet and cutting down on her sugar intake. “I felt so much better after changing my eating habits,” Shanna says. “I ate a cheeseburger the other day and it made me feel so sick. My body was like whoa what is this nonsense?!” Shanna even kicked her soda habit. “I drink a ton of water now,” she says. “I have not had soda since December. I don’t even buy soda for the house anymore.”

The changes Shanna made to her lifestyle and her commitment to her workouts at PFP have really paid off. She’s lost a pants size since December, celebrating by buying a pair of capris in a size she hasn’t worn in 5 years. “I can really tell a difference in the way I feel, in general,” Shanna says.

The trainers and clients at PFP have helped Shanna in her journey. “The trainers always answer any question you have—I have all of their cell phone numbers,” Shanna says. “I can text or email, they’re all just a click away if I have any questions.” In the gym, her trainers push her to be stronger and challenge her to improve, asking her to go up in weights and inspiring her to get better each week. “Everyone is really friendly, it’s not your typical gym scene. (Another client) and I have really struggled with push ups, but we keep pushing each other through and we’ve both finally made some progress.”

Now, Shanna is focusing on her goal to test out of her bands by the end of the month. Through her workouts and commitment to better nutrition, she’d like to be down 10-15 pounds by mid summer. In the meantime, she’s feeling great and enjoying the results she’s seen from PFP.

“Now I have a lot more energy and I can actually get things done after work,” Shanna says. “I just feel better all around.”


Favorite Exercise:


Least Favorite Exercise:

Push ups

Favorite Healthy Recipe:

White albacore tuna and avocado mashed together. It’s very easy to make and so delicious!

Favorite workout music:

Hip hop or dance


Husband, 14 year old stepson and a little yorkie dog named Jasmine


We live on a lake and my husband is a die hard fisherman. In the summer, we do a lot of outdoor activity—pool parties, fishing, hanging at the lake. We’re very active outdoors.

What are you excited about this Spring?

Warmer weather! Finally!