Sam Murphy (August 2014)

August’s member of the month is Sam Murphy! Sam became a member of Pursuit in April 2013, and she never misses a workout!  Sam is a true ambassador for the gym, she is always very helpful with new clients making them feel at home and welcome.  She works incredibly hard every time she steps foot in the gym and is very focused on results.  This past month she increased the results she has been seeing by adding extra workouts to her routine outside of Pursuit at her apartment gym!  Sam is a devoted sister and soon to be wife, she is preparing for her wedding that will be coming up in November.  We are incredibly proud of your hard work and are happy you call Pursuit your fitness home!

Sam’s Story:

I joined PFP in March of 2013. At that point in time, I was burnt out from my routine workouts of running 4+ miles and doing abdominal exercises. I was looking for a way to workout in which I did not personally have to devise or create the exercises; a workout that was challenging, but also fun and involved other people. Most importantly though, I was looking for a gym or environment that would re-inspire and re-motivate me to enjoy working out again. PFP was just the solution (and still is)! Since I joined PFP, I have become much stronger. In addition to all the physical benefits, PFP has introduced me to many great, new people. Part of the reason I continue to come to PFP is because of the friends I have made since I joined. I do not want to miss a workout with these people and, more importantly, for myself. The thing I most enjoy about PFP is learning new exercises.  I enjoy knowing that all I have to do is show up to the gym and try hard and I will continue to learn more about strength and conditioning—in addition to getting fitter and stronger. Since coming to PFP, I have achieved many things physically, emotionally and socially. My two biggest personal achievements would have to be my arm strength and increased awareness of my diet and its effect on my overall health and wellness.  In terms of the future, it is my goal to continue to work out 4 or more times a week and continue to get stronger. I am confident PFP will help me achieve this goal. Thank you, PFP! 

Congratulations Sam, we are excited to see where the future and your goals take you! Keep up the great work!