Rick Mertell (December 2015)

Rick Mertell’s journey to becoming Pursuit Fitness and Performance’s December Member of the Month is unique. In the eighties and nineties, Rick worked as a professional trainer and body builder. But in recent decades, he’d let his weight and health go. Consumed with the stress of building and juggling his own financial planning business, and helping out his family and friends, Rick didn’t make working out a priority.

That is until he stumbled upon a PFP Facebook Contest. Rick answered a question correctly and won a PFP shaker cup! After collecting his prize, Rick checked out the gym early in 2015, but found it a bit too pricey for his lifestyle. “It was just too much,” Rick says. “I had no intention to do it.” That was, until Rick found out about PFP’s Transformation Contest—in which contenders could win back their entry fee by losing 10% of their body fat. With this in mind, Rick joined the contest and was impressed by his results. Rick lost 18 pounds and 9.5% of his body fat. Not enough to win his money back—but enough to have him convinced that PFP’s methods worked.

“The only exercise we do at PFP that I used to do as a body builder is a push up!” Rick says. “PFP is a completely different world. They focus on functionality of movement.” Rick was hooked. He signed up for a year of training. Three weeks later Rick found out that he’d misread his contract and that he was actually paying each month what he thought the gym cost for a year! “I always thought if you think you can’t afford something, you can’t afford something,” Rick says. “But then I looked at myself and looked at my progress and I thought, this works. Period.” Rick stuck with it, and with his impressive results, convinced 8 of his friends to join as well, earning him a discount.

Now, a year later, his business has taken off and Rick no longer worries about the cost of PFP. He feels he is investing in his health. His work at the gym has given him the slight edge to succeed in other areas of his life, as well.

“My energy levels are through the roof!” Rick says. “I hike 10 miles on Sundays. I walk a lot more. I try to recruit people to do things with me, but no one can keep up with me anymore!” Rick is consistent with his workouts, and with the lifestyle changes he’s adopted from PFP. He’s always been great about staying hydrated, but now he finds himself snacking on vegetables and focusing on incorporating more protein into his diet.

Rick has 37 nieces and nephews and hopes to be a fitness inspiration for the entire family. In regards to his own goals, though, Rick finds motivation through his “adopted family” at PFP. “(The other clients) are very helpful,” Rick says. “I’ve helped them too, which helps me. The teacher always learns the most. I’ve missed my workouts only a handful of times but people always check and ask where I was. We reach out to each other and hold one another accountable.”

Now, twelve months later, Rick, the financial planner, is happy he took the risk of investing in his future and his health.

“(This year) has been a fun journey.”


Favorite Exercise:

Plank pikes

Least Favorite Exercise:

Anything to do with squats

Rick’s morning routine:

Rick wakes up at 5:15 for his 6:00 am workout at PFP. The first thing he does is drink 40 oz. of water to rehydrate. After the gym Rick makes three eggs mixed with vegetables. Rick works for himself so is on his own schedule for the rest of the day.

Favorite healthy food?

Vegetables and protein bars

Favorite Workout Song?

Music is just background noise to Rick, and not a motivating factor. But he doesn’t mind some old school MC Hammer now and then.

Hobbies and Work:

Rick works for Synergy Financial Partners and enjoys hiking, racquetball and volunteering at the Food Pantry on Fridays.

Fun Rick Story:

Rick took this summer’s PFP “Bingo Game” to heart. One day, he challenged himself to do push ups every time he came in from outside. The game required 5 push ups, but Rick decided to do 20. He ran A LOT of errands that day and ended up doing push ups at Office Depot, Shop ’N Save and the chiropractor’s office, to name a few. He did over 100 push ups!