Pursuit Fitness Member of the Month!

Congratulations Sally Kane!

“I became a member of Pursuit Fitness & Performance to get in better shape.  I was feeling lethargic, had no energy and was simply out of shape and didn’t feel good about myself anymore. Pursuit Fitness has improved my self-confidence and has made me feel like a new person! I came to Pursuit to help me build muscle tone and feel stronger and in turn was looking to gain more energy.  I recently found out that I had osteopenia and was hoping that resistance training would help with my bones. I believe that my training at Pursuit has accomplished just that!”

“When working out at Pursuit, I feel like I get a complete workout that covers everything. This is not like a regular gym, training sessions are limited. We train in a group setting, however I feel like there is always personal attention.  Ryan does a great job of understanding my needs and what my abilities are.  He creates a program that allows me to achieve my goals by setting realistic expectations.  He motivates me to go beyond what I think I can do, which doesn’t allow me to cheat myself.  When I walk out of Pursuit, I feel like I have accomplished a great workout and have a sense of great satisfaction. Since joining Pursuit, I feel a lot stronger, I have more energy and I am eating better.  My goal for the future is to keep getting stronger and stay on the same course.  I want to be in the best shape I can be!”

Congratulations to Sally Kane for her incredible accomplishments!  Pursuit Fitness & Performance is incredibly proud of your success and we truly appreciate your hard work!