Peggy Bohnenstiehl (August 2015)

Peggy Bohnenstiehl is a caregiver. She cares for her granddaughter during the summer, and three years ago she spent the vast majority of her time caring for her husband as he dealt with lung cancer. Like many women, Peggy put others before herself. She was so absorbed with the attention her husband needed at the end of his life, she could not find the time she needed to take care of her own health. The pounds added up.

After her husband passed away, Peggy came out of her shell of grief and took a look in the mirror. At 58, she vowed to look at herself when she turned 60 and not feel the need to say “Ugh.” Lucky for Peggy, just before she turned 60, she discovered Pursuit Fitness and Performance.

Peggy was browsing Facebook when she saw that her friend’s daughter was PFP’s “Member of the Month.” Impressed, Peggy called her friend the next day and got in touch with PFP owner, Ryan Morgan.

But Peggy was nervous to begin an exercise program because of the arthritis in her knees. The trainers at PFP helped Peggy by setting her up to see an orthopedic surgeon, who worked alongside PFP to develop an exercise program that would strengthen the muscles around her knees and allow her to work out pain free.

Six months later, Peggy now has no trouble with her arthritis while going up steps or while doing squats at the gym. She loves doing any variation of a plank and working on her “Michelle Obama arms” with weight training. She has decreased her BMI by 6%, her shirts don’t gap anymore and when a niece saw Peggy for the first time after she started the program all she could say was “Amazing.”

Peggy has made other important lifestyle changes, as well. Before PFP she used to have 3-4 drinks a night. She now cuts that down to 1. She looks forward to the routine of her Monday, Wednesday, Friday personal training sessions and makes an effort to be more active on other days of the week too—choosing to walk her dog instead of watching TV.

Peggy previously belonged to a more “corporate” gym and found that the trainers were impersonal. They didn’t help her with the exercises, and she found the experience to be a waste. At PFP her primary trainer, Joe, really motivates her and pushes her to be her best. He encourages her to invest in herself, future health and the health of the people around her. She is teaching her sister to make better meal choices and showing her granddaughter what it means to live an active lifestyle.

Today, Peggy’s goal is to graduate from personal training to group training. She loves the camaraderie of PFP. She participated in the Dragon Boat races and appreciates the charity and community engagement of the gym. Of PFP Peggy says, “Everyone is so friendly, I’m 60 and I walk in and these 20 and 30 year olds hang out and work out with me. It’s just like one big family. There’s no intimidation, everyone is very supportive. It’s so motivating to see (owner) Ryan and his wife Casey come in and do the very same workouts that I do. I love seeing that it’s working for them too.”


Favorite exercise?

Any variation of a plank

Least favorite exercise?

Push-ups with a band

Peggy’s morning routine:

Wakes at 5:30 to have a cup of coffee, lets the dog out, then eats a banana before heading to her 7am workout at PFP. After she gets home she eats yogurt with protein powder, blueberries and walnuts. Then she walks the dog and plays with her granddaughter.

Favorite healthy food?

Grilled veggies

Hobbies and Work:

Peggy works for the Visiting Angels organization and volunteers as a mentor at her church.