New Year Resolutions: Fitness Options

New Year Resolutions: Fitness Options

To keep fit, you need not opt for the traditional choices of hopping on a treadmill or elliptical machine for 1 hour a day. After a while it can get monotonous and boring. But fear not, there are a lot of fitness options to choose from. Choosing a discipline that you have a liking for and suits your needs is the best option. Here are some of the ways in which you can stick to your fitness goals and enjoy yourself too.

Strength training and cardiovascular workouts

One of the most popular fitness choices is joining a gym. This includes cardiovascular workouts and strength training. You can break the tedium by using various resistance equipment such as tubing, bands, free weights, kettle bells and medicine balls. A trainer can help you work out a regimen if you don’t know where to start.

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Walking and jogging

Not only are jogging and walking good for fitness, they allow you to enjoy the fresh air and the scenic view too. You can start with a time span of 20 minutes to begin with and gradually build up as you go along.  Be sure to keep the pace brisk. Ensure that you have the correct footwear and that you walk or jog on surfaces that are even.

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If you love water, this is the workout for you. It is a great cardiovascular exercise as it requires a lot of strength and stamina. It is an ideal option if you happen to have painful joints and a back problem. Swim a minimum of 20 minutes to start with and gradually build up as you go along. You can even opt for aqua aerobics if you so choose.

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Enjoying the outdoors

Many outdoor programs offer skill training such as rock climbing, canoeing, kayaking and hiking. Not only fun to do, but a great way to stick to your fitness resolutions too. It is a good idea to fit these activities on your weekend timetable. You can follow your regular exercise routine the rest of the week.

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Team sports

Team sports such as football, badminton and squash are a fun way to keep to your fitness goals. There are many options you can choose from. Not only are they good for the heart, they are good for concentration too.

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Group exercises

If it’s a group setting you are looking for then this is for you. Teamwork and friendly competition can make working out enjoyable. At Pursuit Fitness we call our group workouts “Metabolic Resistance Training” because we try to accomplish both cardio and strength training at the same time during the workout to make the best use of our members time. Aerobics, yoga, zumba and pilates are some of the other disciplines you can opt for.

With a plethora of disciplines to choose from it should be easier to keep to your fitness goals. If you are bored with the routine of a certain workout, you can always switch to another discipline. Not only will you be able to improve your levels of fitness, you will have a lot of fun too!

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