My Perfect Client

My Perfect Client

If I had to think of what qualities I wanted in my perfect client I would not have to look very far to find an example of someone who personifies exactly those qualities and more. In fact, it is the person I see every day…the one that I wake up with and go to bed with…the one that I decided to spend the rest of my life with and the one who I started a family with that is an example of my perfect client.

family pic

I could write all day long about why I love my wife and why she is the best Mom in the world to our 11 month old son but this post is about something else. It is about the dedication and passion that she has towards health and fitness and how she does not let anything get in her way of reaching her goals…it is about why she is my perfect client.

If I were to list the the qualities of my perfect client they would be as follows:

  • Goal Driven (They know exactly what they want and set specific action steps in place to get them there)
  • Focused (They know and believe that results are about building habits and sometimes it is better to have 100% focus on one habit rather than 50% focus on 10 habits.
  • Persistent and Dedicated (They also do not chase one diet or fad workout after the other…they believe in our systems and do not stray off path)
  • Consistent (They know that slow and steady wins the race)
  • Passionate (There is a strong emotion tied to their goal)
  • Proactive (Takes control and owns every situation. Sees potential obstacles and takes action to control the outcome. Seeks our help when needed)
  • Engaging (They participate in the education we provide, use our resources and ask questions to seek out any answers they are unsure about)
  • Balanced (They are not all or nothing-they remain balanced so that results are not temporary but sustainable. They can go off the plan and get right back on)

My wife is the perfect example of someone who embodies ALL of those qualities. Many of them she was born with but many of them she also had to work at developing. She has been an athlete her whole life, having the opportunity to play Division 1 college soccer or basketball. She chose soccer and quickly became one of the best players in whole conference.

casey soccer


Sports have always been easy for her and fitness as well. It is only recently that she was really tested with her health and fitness and this is when she really shined!

If you ever have had a baby, or have been close to someone who is pregnant, you know it can be easy to give in to your inhibitions when it comes to food. Healthy food that you used to love starts to look unappetizing, in fact sometime it can downright make you want to upchuck just by the smell of it. Cravings kick in and unhealthy foods that you never used to eat can seem like the only option to get past the gag reflex. I have to say that it was pretty funny when I came home one day and smelled the familiar smell of a common high school lunch coming from the oven. My wife had bought pizza rolls! Something she NEVER would have done if it wasn’t for her being pregnant.

However, those times that those instances came up were few and far between. My wife was totally focused on providing the highest quality food to our baby boy. Displaying that all important quality of balance, she never let those times that she strayed from the plan get her off course for very long.

Pregnancy could have been a lot worse for my wife if it wasn’t for the dedication she had towards fitness as well as her nutrition. She was able to help common problems of pregnancy such as lower back pain because of her consistency she displayed in the gym-making it in to strength train at least 3 if not 4 times per week. When she did start to feel a little back pain she was proactive and we quickly found the resources to get her back better by working with a chiropractor, getting a SI joint belt and modifying her workout program to alleviate the pain.

This is what allowed her to be in the gym doing things like this at 8 months pregnant…

1 month later, our healthy 8 lb 8 oz baby, Merrick Taylor Morgan was born.

merrick newborn

It was clear that Casey’s dedication in the gym had paid off because when it came time to push it was not long before she was able to get him out…without any complications. The nurses even commented that they never saw someone make it look that easy before. I expected nothing less from my superstar wife.

After pregnancy and she was cleared for exercise, she quickly formulated a plan and set goals to achieve the body she once knew before pregnancy. She engaged with me on a regular basis about the best way to get back in shape with the time and resources she had available. Once we figured out the best plan to work she dedicated herself to it and has been consistent unlike anyone I have ever met.

There are many days that I work from 6 AM till 8 PM and she has been at home watching our son all day long by herself. She still finds the time to spend with me until I go to bed and then leaves for the gym sometimes as late as midnight so she doesn’t miss a workout. Being a night shift nurse, she realizes that she often has the most energy and can perform her best workouts at that time of night and she takes advantage of the opportunity to really focus and get a great workout in! I’ll admit, selfishly I wish she would miss a workout a couple times so she will go to bed with me instead but I realize how important her goals are to her and how passionate she is about her goals.

Fast forward to today and our boy is 11 months old and my wife looks as HOT as ever. Here is a pic of our trip to Hawaii we took a few months back. See what I mean…

This is her in February…

case me merrick hawaii


And this is her in April…

casey ripped

What makes her successful is her ability to set her mind to something and let nothing stand in her way of accomplishing that goal. She thinks about her goals constantly and uses every resource she has available to help her attain it.

She remains balanced and does not let it keep her from enjoying the things in life we indulge in from time to time. We still go out to eat at Italian restaurants, have Margaritas at Mexican restaurants, eat ice cream at our favorite frozen custard shop down the street but these are the occasions and not the norm. It is the ability to bounce back to the plan when you get off track that is important to create a lifestyle change. She know it is not about being ALL or NOTHING…it is about being MOSTLY and SOMETIMES.

In order to be my perfect client you do not need to be perfect. In fact, I DO NOT want you to be.

You just have to have a burning desire to reach a goal, the ability to block out all distractions and willingness to commit to one plan. Everyone has the ability to achieve their end goal and the path is different for everyone. There are sacrifices and often setbacks but if you keep what is really important at the top of your mind by writing down your goal, reading it every day and getting the coaching needed to help you along the way-SUCCESS IS INEVITABLE.


In honor of my wife, Casey Kraft-Morgan…the woman I love more than anyone in the world. You are my best friend and I will love you for the rest of my life and thereafter. Thank you for being an amazing example to me through the years and being the best Mother to our son as your dedication to being the best Mom you can be mirrors the qualities above and more. He doesn’t know how good he has it yet but he will! -Your husband and personal trainer, Ryan