My Journey with Stem Cell Therapy – Part 2

Clam shells exercise

It’s been two weeks since my stem cell procedure and I am now cleared to start physical activity again. Since day three of the procedure I have had no residual pain except for the spot where they took my bone marrow from my hip. Which is just a little tender to the touch. 

My knees are actually feeling better than they have since I tore my meniscus. I’ve gained range of motion and have had absolutely no pain in my knee. I’m not sure if I can contribute this to the stem cell therapy since they told me it usually takes 4-8 weeks to see improvement but it is noticeably different. 

In fact, I couldn’t bring my heel within 6 inches of my butt without tightness and pain before I had the procedure but check me out now. 🙂 😃

Before the procedure I had taken almost 3 months off from doing anything strenuous with my lower body so I feel like I am starting from square one when it comes to exercise. 

Our director of training here at Pursuit Fitness, Andrew Hamerlinck told me about a type of training that may be good for me to start with that helps strengthen my tendons and ligaments. This is likely how we would start someone if we were doing personal training with them here at Pursuit. 

Here’s an overview of what my first day back looked like incorporating isometric lower body exercises with upper body and core exercises in between. My legs definitely the burn! 

Ryan’s Day 1 Workout

  1. Clamshells
  2. Isometric Squat Hold (30-60 seconds until legs felt fatigued) 
  3. 1-Arm DB Row (upper body)
  4. Dead bugs (core)


  1. Isometric Split Squat Hold (30-60 seconds until legs felt fatigued) 
  2. Pushups (upper body)
  3. Side Plank (core)

Short, simple and effective!

Overall, I am feeling very positive about my recovery and am excited to start getting back into normal activities a little bit at a time!