My Journey with Stem Cell Therapy – Part 1

Ryan with Dr. Crane with Bluetail Medical Group

About 3 months ago I tore my meniscus. 😟

After months of consideration and meeting with 4 doctors (orthos, chiros and regenerative medicine doctors) I finally decided on my course of action.

I decided to do stem cell therapy with Dr. Crane at Bluetail Medical Group as a way to preserve my meniscus tissue and lessen the chances of developing degenerative problems with my knee in the future such as arthritis. Throughout this research I learned that the meniscus is the most important tissue to preserve if at all possible. Even a small arthroscopic procedure can cause problems down the line and I wanted to prevent that at all costs.

The way this group does this therapy for injuries like mine (there are many types now) is to take MY OWN stem cells from bone marrow in my hip and precisely inject them around the areas of my knee that had damage while using a ultrasound machine (no it was not as painful as it sounds). I also had my right knee worked on as well since it didn’t cost much more and my right knee showed signs of tears as well (that would probably worsen over the years).

I felt this was the best choice for my future so that I can continue doing the things I love to do without pain (hiking, biking, skiing, pick up sports, running around with my kiddos, and performing optimal exercise routines as well as coaching them too). 

This is the same goal we have for our members; to help them LIVE WITHOUT LIMITS and I felt this decision was the best one to help me live without limits too.

If you are interested in learning more about my experience feel free to send me a message and I will personally reach out to you! 

This area of medicine is growing and I know if I wouldn’t have had a direct connection to someone who had a great experience with the therapy I may not have made the decision to look into it but I’m sure glad I did.