Michelle Herring (March 2016)

Michelle Herring likes push ups. They’re her favorite exercise, actually, along with pull ups. A lot of women struggle with these upper body exercises, but Michelle excels in the challenge presented by them. “When I started working out I could not do one push up without hurting my back. Now I can do 39 push ups in 2 minutes and 6 pull ups,” Michelle says.

Michelle has not always put such focus into her physical strength and endurance. She and her husband, Barry, used to be yo yo dieters and exercisers. They’d work out for a while, but then when life took over they’d “let themselves get a little soft again.” Fortunately, for Michelle and Barry, both happened to be at the Northwest Chamber of Commerce when Ryan announced a “Chamber Challenge” for Pursuit Fitness and Performance. “I was sitting at the table (at the Chamber of Commerce) when Ryan announced the chamber challenge,” Michelle says. “I was about to lean over and tell Barry that I was going to do this challenge with or without him enrolling with me, when suddenly Barry leans over and and says, I’m gonna do this!  And I said, Well, I am too!”

Michelle and Barry completed The Chamber Challenge and afterward, decided to become official members of PFP. They joined group training, three times a week. “I’ve gone to other gyms,” Michelle says. “And I always feel like just a body. It’s a lot more personal at PFP. It feels more like a family.” Michelle enjoys the various levels trainers present for each exercise. “Anyone can go there. You just work at whatever level works best for you and keep track of what you’re doing.” That’s where the push ups come in. Michelle, an avid volleyball player, has always had a strong upper body, but the trainers at PFP were able to guide her to that next level—where she’s able to enjoy challenging exercises and push herself further. “(The trainers) see me not working hard enough and they hand me a heavier weight,” Michelle says. The other clients push her as well. “I see what they’re doing and I think, hey, I can do that too!” she says.

Michelle’s biggest challenge? Carving the time out of her busy schedule to make it to her workouts. She and Barry own their own IT company, CMIT Solutions of St. Charles/Chesterfield, that provides networking and computer support for other businesses. Often the days are long and hectic. “Just fitting it in (on top of work) is the biggest challenge for me,” Michelle says. Michelle lives an almost 30 minute drive from the gym. But making the trip is always worth the effort. “The slam balls are great for getting a lot of aggression, frustration and stress out,” Michelle says. “It’s actually great to workout in the evenings after a stressful day.”

Barry and Michelle help to motivate each other, as well. When one doesn’t feel like working out the other encourages him or her to make the trip and fit the gym into their schedule.

It’s been well worth their effort. Michelle feels stronger, healthier and more energetic than ever.

And she and Barry both have the black bands to prove it!


Favorite Exercise:

Push ups and pull ups

Least Favorite Exercise:

Split squats

Favorite Healthy Recipe:

Taco stuffed peppers from the PFP cookbook

Favorite Workout Music:

‘80s hairband music


Owner of CMIT Solutions of St. Charles/Chesterfield (IT business)


Michelle plays volleyball and enjoys hiking at Hawn and Castlewood Parks as well as the Lewis and Clark Trail. She’s considering getting into motorcycles as well, and is taking a motorcycle safety class this Spring.


Four cats, all named after various sweet foods—Oreo, Candi, Donut and Marshmallow

Currently Reading:

Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin

Goal for 2016:

To run a 5k. Michelle ran track in high school and would like to get back into running. Her goal is to run on a treadmill three times a week until she’s built the stamina for a 5k.