Michelle Behrle (July 2014)

July’s month’s member of the month is Michelle Behrle! Michelle became a member of Pursuit as a referral from her sister-in-law, Ashley.  Since starting at Pursuit Fitness she has grown more aware of how her body moves and the steps needed to achieve her goals both physically and nutritionally.  She is self motivated and on an unstoppable goal setting train!  We are so proud of all you have accomplished so far and can’t wait to see where your future goals take you!

  1. Why did you come to Pursuit Fitness?  What were you looking for?

I originally came to PFP because my sister-in-law encouraged me to join her on a bring a friend night. I came to one class and was nervous because I was very overweight and extremely out of shape. I had tried many different diet programs as well as many different attempts at joining gyms and none were successful in changing my mindset so they weren’t successful for me overall. Ryan and I had a long talk and he encouraged me to try PFP and give him one year and they would change my life! Since nothing else had worked for me I decided to take a leap of faith in him and myself and fully commit to the program he was advising for me at the level I was at that moment. 

  1. What has your experience at Pursuit Fitness been like since you joined?

PFP is a complete program, the staff is awesome and committed to transforming your life not only nutritionally and physically but also emotionally encouraging you to push yourself and helping you to succeed. Ryan, Sarah, and Adam have limitless energy and contagious enthusiasm that overflows onto you and pushes you to want to go just a little harder. They also provided me with many tools to improve my nutrition including a cookbook with tons of yummy recipes and a grocery store tour that helped with knowing what to buy and what are healthy choices.

  1. What do you enjoy most about your experience at Pursuit Fitness?

I enjoy the personal connection that they give everyone that walks through the doors of PFP. They all know your name and your story and your goals. You are not just a number who will get lost in the shuffle, it is important to the staff that you are welcomed as part of the family from the moment you join. They celebrate with you when you reach a goal or a milestone while encouraging you to set the next one. They have a great way of communicating with you and with each other so everyone stays on the same page and no one gets left behind. 

  1. What are the biggest personal achievements you have experienced after joining Pursuit Fitness?

Since joining PFP in April I have lost 27 pounds and have walked everyday for 78 days (and counting) straight, in addition to my three days a week at Pursuit. I have felt myself gaining strength and energy. I also completed a 30 day cleanse which was very difficult for me but the rewards are an increase in energy and I feel amazing. Nutrition wise, I have completely changed my diet and have had much success trying the recipes from the cookbook Ryan gave me at the beginning. In a million years, I never believed that I would make and enjoy a veggie lasagna or pizza crust made out of cauliflower but I have and I do!  I am also feeling confident that this time, with the support of my amazing husband Shawn and my very encouraging family and friends, I can finally achieve the life long goal of being healthy and fit.

  1. What are your goals for the future?

My main long term goal is to continue down the path I am on, of finally getting my weight under control and to a healthy range. In the short term I would like to reach 100 days of walking everyday and then continue onto 150 days straight. In addition, I am going to add some interval training to my daily workouts outside the gym. Also, I am going to make the transition from personal training to group training. 

I would like to thank Ryan, Adam and especially Sarah for their help, their patience, and their positive encouragement and I can’t wait to continue on this journey with them. 

Michelle, Congrats on all your accomplishments you deserve everything you have worked so hard to achieve!  Keep up the hard work, and you will continue to be a motivation to those around you and to us!