Meet Ryan Lilly, visiting us for the Summer!


Meet Ryan Lilly!  Ryan is joining us this summer as an Athletic Training intern from Saint Louis University.  He is in completing the same Master program that our trainer Sarah Hall completed.  He is excited to learn and passionate about health and fitness!  Check out his introduction:

  Hi, my name is Ryan Lilly. I am an Athletic Training student at Saint Louis University and I am in my fourth year (out of five) of the program. This summer I am interning at Pursuit Fitness & Performance. I just wanted to share a little bit about myself and why I have chosen to intern at Pursuit.  I was born and raised in Saint Louis. I went to St. Mary’s High School and played on their Varsity Tennis team for 4 years which is where my love for fitness started. My interest in fitness grew when I graduated high school and after my first semester of college I decided to join the Army National Guard. It is now my job to stay in shape. After returning to college after a semester off I decided to follow my interest in fitness and being healthy and I began to pursue my degree in Athletic Training.

 I have chosen this internship because I am interested in strength and conditioning and fitness in general. I have always tried to live a healthy and active lifestyle and I know from experience it can be a difficult thing to do. I am hoping to one day be able help others live a healthy and active lifestyle in my future career. At Pursuit Fitness & Performance they do this every day. I am looking to learn from them more ways about how I can accomplish this in my future. I am looking to learn from each of the members of their staff what their role is and how they interact as group to achieve their goal of helping others achieve their desired lifestyle. At Pursuit they look at the different aspects of fitness and do not focus solely on training. They go further and look at diet and functionality which play some of the biggest roles in living a healthy life. I am interested in learning the Functional Movement Screen they use to establish where each member is at and how they devise a program to get that individual from where they are to where they want to be. I am also interested in learning all the different ways they help others improve their functionality as well as increase their level of fitness. I am looking to gain knowledge about eating healthier and how to help others do this. Diet is the most important component of being healthy but also one of the most difficult. I am hoping to learn some tricks about how I can help others eat healthier and also make it easier for them to do so. By the end of my internship I am hoping to be able to take any individual and walk them through step by step and incorporate everything they need to achieve their desired level of fitness and overall lifestyle. I am looking forward to getting started and meeting the members of Pursuit Fitness & Performance.

Ryan we are excited to teach you, and work with your during your time at Pursuit Fitness & Performance!