Meal Prep Pep Talk

Meal Prep Pep Talk

Parents these days have two full time jobs: that 8a-5p grind (or longer) and then managing the evening event schedule with the kiddos. By the end of the day when you’re hungry and that drive-thru is lane is open, it’s too easy to not avoid. This vicious cycle will repeat day after day, week after week unless you’re prepared. Well, we have the solution for you with three easy ways to help meal prep.


“By failing to prepare, you are are preparing to fail!”
We’ve all heard the quote yet it speaks 100% truth to why most people fail over and over again for years at achieving any results from their fitness program. It’s easy to workout 3-4 hours per week but the real struggles will come when you leave the gym. Just a few “cheat meals” per week can set you back if you are not careful.

Created vs. reported mentality relates to changing before you have to. If you’re living in a created word, you’re taking the steps to achieve your goals and predict your progress, such as weekly meal prep. Those in a reported world, are of a weak inner stance reacting to each crisis throughout the day. The goal is to shift your stance to be in a created world where you can manage, and have more control on the quality of your life.


We all know what we “should” do, yet it’s easy to get stuck into a dream world with massive to-do lists but little to no action or results.

So, just ask yourself what will happen in your life if nothing changes?

Yes, you will be much more successful when meal prepping ahead of time, but there will always be times that you cannot meal prep (for whatever reason) and the biggest thing to remind yourself is it will be okay. Take a deep breath, do what you can with what you have, and get to prepping when you get the opportunity.

YOU are your number one priority, and the best way for self care and love is to make time for your meal prepping. An easy tip that I use is I have a deal with myself: if I want to watch Netflix, then I have to be doing something at the same time to help further my health journey – which mainly reverts to meal prepping. Try it out and see how your time management changes!

Getting started each week with a plan for your weekly workouts and meals is a sure fire way to get started working on your project and get out of dream mode. And, those who want results know that the only time to change from a dream to taking action is NOW.




Anna Sherry
Pursuit Fitness and Performance Food Coach