Maddy Harman (September 2014)

Madelyn Harmann is September’s Member of the Month, she has been a member of Pursuit Fitness & Performance since the very beginning.  She has a passion for volleyball and coaches a girls team.  Madelyn recently brought in her mother Lori, who was Member of the Month in June 2014.  Even more recently her father Tom started coming to Pursuit for Personal Training as well.  There are many afternoons they come in and workout together as a family and are seeing amazing results.  Madelyn recently finished up with the Strength Academy Program and saw some amazing results!  She has truly been a positive influence to those close to her and continues to keep such a positive attitude during all of her workouts.

  1. Why did you come to Pursuit Fitness?  What were you looking for?

I decided to join Pursuit Fitness in an effort to increase my workouts and truly start living a healthier life. I have worked out at other gyms in the St. Louis area, but the atmosphere of Pursuit sparked my passion for working out again!

  1. What has your experience at Pursuit Fitness been like since you joined?

Overall, my experience has been nothing but awesome!! The training I have received and the changes that have happened in the past year, I could not be more happy with my experience working out at Pursuit! The greatest and most enjoyable part of working out at Pursuit is the fact that my entire family is now starting to work out at Pursuit as well! So we now make it a family adventure a couple nights a week to work out as a family! 

  1. What are the biggest personal achievements you have experienced after joining Pursuit Fitness?

Some of my biggest achievements at Pursuit have come in the recent months. Since January I have been working out in the personal training sessions once a week and have noticed a significant increase in my strength. I finally feel like I’m getting back to my high school days when I was lifting heavy weights and felt real strong, but this time I have the right form! 🙂 My second greatest achievement happened back in May. For the first time since starting at Pursuit I started myself on the Isagenix program with a 30 day cleanse. It was tough, but I finished the program and achieved the best results I have ever received since joining Pursuit. The combination of my workouts and the Isagenix; I’m feeling and looking the best I have in years!

  1. What are your goals for the future?

My goals for the future are to keep improving from my results I have had since joining. I would love to see myself in the greatest shape physically and to keep improving my mindset about health and nutrition. I hope to keep up with these goals as I know they are long term and the end result will be a new lifestyle for me! 

Congratulations Madelyn, we are so proud of all you have accomplished! Your hard work and positive attitude help you reach new heights all the time, continue to motivate friends and family around you!