Lori Harman (June 2014)

This month’s member of the month is Lori Harman! Lori became a member of Pursuit as a referral from her daughter, Madelyn. She has been everything that Pursuit hopes for with personal training clients. She schedules all her visits, and arrives early to get her foam rolling and breathing in so she is ready for the warm-up section when the session is ready to start. She has done an awesome job with the Success Principles – which is evident in her great results she’s had in a relatively short amount of time! Here is Lori’s story:

What brought you to Pursuit Fitness & Performance in the first place?

I asked for Christmas to have a Personal Trainer and my daughter had been going to Pursuit Fitness for about a year and she got me the gift.

What are your goals?

Now one of my goals is to continue to lose more weight and get stronger.

  • Get to a point where I want to go to work out, not have to go to work out.
  • When I get to where I want to be, then my goal will be to continue to have a workout program to maintain.
  • Find more healthy recipes and try to eat healthier.

What kind of success have you had?
I’ve lost weight and I’m sure inches, my summer pants of last year are too big.  I find that I can fit into other clothes that I couldn’t.  I am having less pain in some of my joints, but working out has certainly created soreness in areas I didn’t know existed.

What is your favorite thing about Pursuit?

There are a couple of favorite things.  They let me work at my pace but they will prod me along without being a drill sergeant.  There is always encouragement not only from the trainers but the others working out with you.

How do you make time to exercise?
Sometimes it is hard to find the time.  There are times I feel I’m not getting things I need at home done, but, that is where the work sharing starts with the husband and adult children.  I just make up my mind it has to be 3 times a week.  I’m not cheating anyone but myself.  

Congratulations, Lori, on all your awesome accomplishments so far!  Pursuit Fitness & Performance is so proud of your achievements and we appreciate your loyalty! Keep up your hard work!