Liz Alexander (December 2014)

Liz has been a member of PFP for over a year now and has been incredibly consistent. In fact, Liz managed to make every single one of her workouts without missing one for over a year! She always has a positive attitude and seems happy to be here, and you can tell by the way she interacts with other members and is very inviting and friendly when new members come in for the first time.

In addition to making her workouts, Liz does a great job of planning her meals and keeping up with everything outside of the gym to be successful, while balancing her career as a teacher and mother of two. Check out the rest of Liz’s story:

I first came to Pursuit in May of 2013 to participate in the teacher appreciation month.  At the time, I looked at it as a fun short-term way to kick off the summer, but soon I knew this was where I wanted to continue working out and joined without hesitation.  The workouts are fun, but challenging, and I love that every month we are able to look forward to learning something new.  I never get bored, and that was an obstacle I had faced with gym memberships in the past.  I love the people that I work out with, as well as the trainers.  It’s a community of people who encourage one another to push harder and go further than you thought you could ever go.  Ryan, Adam and Sarah provide support and inspiration whether your goal is large or small.  Since joining Pursuit, I feel stronger and healthier than ever before.  As a mom, I want my kids to see that working out and eating right is a priority, and Pursuit serves as a foundation for this healthy lifestyle!  I continue to amaze myself at my accomplishments with each passing week, and I’m so thankful for Pursuit and all it has done for me!