Lisa Tennant (May 2015)

Lisa is really consistent with her workouts and works hard every time she comes into the gym. Despite her busy schedule as a mother and business owner, she shows up 3 mornings a week with a positive attitude and keeps setting new challenges for herself. Lisa is a great example of a client who contributes to PFP’s family like atmosphere. She has been pushing herself consistently for the past year in personal training, gaining strength and toning up, and she recently added in group training as well. She in an inspiration to other clients and to her family and two children and we are proud to have her as our newest member of the month! Here is Lisa’s story in her own words:

 “I decided to come to Pursuit Fitness about a year ago because I wanted to get in shape and eat healthier. I have 2 kids in school who play multiple sports and my husband and I are self-employed which makes it difficult to take time for yourself.  The gym came highly recommended by my friend. I met with Ryan and instantly wanted to get to work.  The first month or two Adam or Sarah would check in with me weekly, it really kept me motivated.  

I love setting goals and accomplishing them. My first goal was to commit to coming which was really easy to do because I always felt so much better after Personal Training. I started making small goals for example doing 3 sets of 8 push-up with perfect form. My goal I am working on now is to complete an unassisted chin up. I have also added a group training, everyone is so helpful and welcoming. I am really proud of the hard work I have done over the past year and look forward to continuing to push myself. I love my new gym family.”