Katie Murphy (January 2014)

This month’s member of the month is Katie Murphy! Katie has done an awesome job of showing up for every single one of her workouts, and always has a smile and a positive attitude when she walks in the doors of PFP. Although she didn’t actually join the Back to School Transformation Contest, she did her best to stay on top of her diet and workouts while her sister, Lauren, was in it. Katie had great results – losing more than 11 pounds, and reducing her body fat percentage. Here is her story:

I joined Pursuit Fitness & Performance in July 2013. I first heard about PFP from my sister, Lauren, who had joined the month before, and she couldn’t stop telling me how great the workouts were. But I thought, could they really help ME?

I had been in a rut at my previous gym and hadn’t even been motivated to go there for months.  When I joined that gym, I received one free personal training session. Because of my mild cerebral palsy, and the fact the trainer had never run into someone with my limitations, I could tell he wasn’t sure what exercises he should have me do.

So when Lauren suggested PFP, I honestly had my doubts.  Lauren told the owner, Ryan, about me, and he encouraged her to have me come in to the gym.  From my first session, they had a “we can do this!” attitude. They focused on learning about my disability and my specific limitations by researching and even consulting a physical therapist.  Then we talked about certain exercises and what was within my abilities to avoid injury.

I couldn’t be happier with my decision to join!  Over the last 5 months, I have gotten stronger and accomplished more physically than I ever thought I could! The trainers tailor every workout to meet your goals and modify workouts for your weaknesses. Not only that, but they guide you to the right nutritional decisions. Between the success principles and the many recipes they give us, it’s a perfect combination for success! Many of my coworkers and friends have noticed a change in me, and I can’t stop talking about how great this gym is! The PFP team gets to know each person individually and are so invested in everyone’s success!

I’ve lost weight, am fitting in some of my smaller clothes, have had more energy, and look forward to working out every week! Thank you PFP-I can’t wait to continue my journey!!

Congratulations to Katie Murphy for her incredible accomplishments!  Pursuit Fitness & Performance is incredibly proud of your success and we truly appreciate your hard work! Keep it up!