Kathleen Mack (February 2016)

Kathleen Mack decided to get back into fitness about three or four years ago. She had an active childhood and played sports in high school, but once in college, exercise was not a priority for her. “My fitness life kind of died off,” Kathleen says. “I’ve always been in and out of the gym, but nothing ever really stuck.”

Fast forward into adulthood and the real world—a failed relationship inspired Kathleen to make a change and to take care of herself. She started going to Club Fitness. She would run, lift weights or use workout videos, all on her own. “I was kind of winging it and winging it does not make you successful in the fitness world,” Kathleen says. “I didn’t know what other goals I had besides being skinny.”

Kathleen discovered Pursuit Fitness and Performance from a friend’s Facebook post. She saw that her friend had been very successful with her own fitness goals, and felt inspired to give PFP a try. A year and a half later, Kathleen has greater goals than simply settling for skinny. “My goal now is to actually be fit. I want to be trim and strong.”

Kathleen has certainly stayed very focused on her new ambitions. She has only missed one PFP class in the last year and a half and she tries to workout five days a week total, including her three group training sessions at the gym. The PFP trainers, particularly Adam, help Kathleen to stay on track. “I get emails from Adam checking in and making sure I’m sticking to my goals and not letting my guard down.” When life takes over and Kathleen feels she’s losing her focus, PFP keeps her going. “Adam always asks me how I’m doing and is an all around great person. He told me that if I ever go to dinner and am confused about what to order I can text him a menu and he would tell me how to make the best choice!”

Working out comes naturally to Kathleen. Though she is diligent about never missing her group training sessions, she also knows that the biggest differences she’s seen in her health have come from PFP’s approach to overall wellness. “The workouts are great,” Kathleen says. “But it’s also the coaching and the food. It’s not just one thing…it’s drinking lots of water…and taking fish oil…and learning about nutrition and sleep. I’ve changed a lot of things in the last year that I’ve learned from going to PFP.”

The group Kathleen works out with at PFP continues to encourage her and play an integral role in her active lifestyle. “We push each other,” she says. “You can’t not do the exercises you don’t want to do when everyone else around you is doing them. (PFP) holds me accountable to do (the exercises) that are important for making those unique muscle groups stronger.”

Since joining PFP, Kathleen has lost about 25 pounds, a great accomplishment, of course, but more than that Kathleen is proud of who she has become through the lifestyle changes she’s made. Kathleen is now more than just skinny. She is fit, trim and strong.


Favorite Exercise:

Kathleen’s favorites are the ones she loves to hate! She loves when her workout pushes her harder than she would go on her own. When the exercise hurts she knows that it is good for her!

Least Favorite Exercise:

Chin ups and Push ups

Favorite Healthy Recipe:

Paleo chili found on Pinterest

Favorite Workout Music:

Any type of dance/pop music


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