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  • Curtis H.,

    Before I came to PFP my workout routine was inconsistent and my nutrition habits were poor. Since I joined PFP I have been motivated by the trainers and the other members more than I could have imagined. I am always kept accountable and feel like they truly care about the results that I am getting. I never want to miss a workout because of how good I feel when I leave. I feel like I have accomplished something great every day that I leave PFP and I love to hit the day running-so to speak!

  • Rick M.,

    The PFP challenge was the perfect kick start for me to change my life and build a body that I can be proud of. The Trainers and workouts at Pursuit Fitness are very motivating. The Pursuit Fitness Team has pushed me to make some simple changes to my diet and challenged me during every workout. I am amazed at the results in just 3 weeks and I am finally motivated to make the changes in my life to eat healthier and reach my fitness goals.

  • Jen S.,

    So many people were willing to give positive and uplifting comments, advice, and encouragement. I can’t count the number of times where I showed up and was ready to just put in my time and go home; but then the people and the positivity reminded me of how blessed I was to have this opportunity.

  • Barbara R.
    I am absolutely delighted my daughter, Jen, introduced me to a gym and fitness program she found to be friendly, encouraging and effective. Pursuit Fitness...