Joyce Kamper (September 2015)

It is hard to believe that Joyce Kamper recently turned 70 years old. And she’s never felt better. “I wish I would have known about (Pursuit Fitness and Performance) forty years ago, but better late than never,” she says, with a smile. “God’s gonna have to run after me, I’m not gonna even give him a chance!”

Joyce began working out at PFP one year ago in November. She’d tried other personal trainers before, but it just wasn’t working for her. She wasn’t happy. When her daughter discovered Ryan and PFP she thought she’d give it a try. She signed up for personal training, three times a week at 3:30. “It was amazing,” she says. “I was like ‘Are you kidding me?’ Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I could do these things! What they have me doing is amazing.”

Joyce’s trainers at PFP, particularly Adam and Joe, have helped to push her to her full potential, setting goals and making realistic changes that fit within her lifestyle. Adam recently texted Joyce, asking her, We’ve conquered so many things, now what are your goals? Joyce wanted to do six push ups, all on her own, by the end of June. And she did it! “I cannot believe the strength that I have, and the stamina with what I do,” she says. Joyce’s weaknesses include chocolate and ice cream. But she has learned to incorporate these items in moderation. Ryan told her “You’re not a chocoholic, you just like chocolate and you can have some once in awhile.” She began portioning out small sizes of ice cream as a treat, but never more than a tiny cup. And she and her husband, “Wild Bill,” have begun to eat fresh fish three times per week.

Joyce enjoys the extracurriculars PFP promotes—particularly the grocery store tours. Bill has cholesterol problems, but after the two of them attended a grocery tour with Joe they both are reading labels every time they shop.

Joyce’s new, healthy lifestyle extends beyond the reach of her husband. She’s teaching her grandchildren what it means to get stronger and workout hard too. Her granddaughter, Morgan, has accompanied her to a PFP training session, and the two of them did push-ups together. Morgan was impressed by the strength and stamina of her grandmother—but a little less than impressed with Joyce’s typical workout grunts and groans. “She said to me, ‘Meems, you make a lot of noise doing that!”Joyce says, laughing.

Most importantly, Joyce is doing what is best for herself. After participating in a PFP Transformation Contest, she lost six inches off of her legs and noticed her clothes fitting much better. She visited her doctor for a checkup and when her blood work came back she was told that her numbers were where he wanted all of his patients to be and that she went down three points on her annual bone scan.

“If I can do this anyone can,” Joyce says. “When you first start out with a new program, it’s like ‘How will I ever get through this?’ But after a few weeks you realize you can and you progress from there. It’s all about little baby steps to do what you want to do.”

Joyce is growing stronger and healthier with each personal training session, but what keeps her coming back? The fun she has at PFP! “If I can’t laugh, you can just hang it up,” she says. “I just love everybody there. They really do care. It’s not about the money for them, it’s like a family. They high five you when you walk out the door!”


Favorite exercise?

Working out with weights. Joyce loves when her trainers push her and give her confidence to increase what she can lift.

Least favorite exercise?

Side planks. In fact, Joyce once tried to bribe Adam with a bottle of Maker’s Mark so that he wouldn’t put any more side planks on her schedule!

Favorite workout song?

Uptown Funk. (Or, as Joyce calls it, “Funk You Up”)

Joyce’s morning routine:

She gets up, grabs a cup of coffee and checks her email. If it’s a non-PFP day she will watch workout videos on YouTube and try some exercises with her bands or on her treadmill.

Favorite healthy food?

Fish and scallops

Hobbies and Work:

Joyce is a retired All-State agent. She spends most of her time now chasing after her three St. Louis area grandchildren.


“My best advice is to keep moving. I hope to give someone some inspiration.”

“I’m willing to give anything a go. And I can do it. You will not believe what I can do.”