Jenni Bingamann (October 2014)

My adorable baby boy, Jack, was born on 10/31/13. Pregnancy was rough and the day I checked in to the hospital my weight gain had hit 50 lbs. While I was extremely happy with my new arrival, I wanted to get back to my healthier self as soon as possible. And, I knew I couldn’t do it on my own. Just a few months later I found a fun, motivating way to start that journey – the New Year, New You Transformation contest at Pursuit Fitness. It was exactly what I needed. Fun, high energy group workouts, an easy to follow meal plan and prizes… you can never go wrong with prizes! While I didn’t win the trip to Hawaii (I came in third) by the time the contest was over I was wearing my favorite jeans again.

The competition was awesome, but I wanted to keep the momentum going so I decided to become a regular member of the gym. I love that every time I go to the gym there is a challenging, full body workout just waiting to kick my butt. The training staff is always there encouraging me, ensuring good form and pushing me to push myself. The other members help motivate me and make working out enjoyable and fun. I have even convinced my husband to join the gym, so now we challenge each other. I did the wheelbarrows WITH the push-ups, did you =)?

I am now just over half way through the Back to School Transformation Contest and seeing great results again (did I mention I like prizes?). My goal for the contest is to get back to my wedding day weight. I have never felt healthier or more confident than I did on my wedding day. I have 5 more pounds to go to hit my goal. My goal after the contest is to continue getting stronger and leaner so that come next summer I am comfortable and confident in my pre-baby bikini. As long as I follow the plan and work my butt off during my workouts I know I will succeed.