Isagenix Product Highlight: Cleanse For Life

Cleanse Bottle picCleanse for Life powder and liquid helps your body naturally detoxify by providing you antioxidants, botanicals, and vital nutrients. When you think cleanse, a lot of people automatically think colon cleanse, aka lots of diarrhea. This product is not a colon cleanse or laxative in any way. Cleanse for Life is designed to cleanse your body by providing the key ingredients to naturally nourish your body and help it cope with stresses that it encounters. Cleanse for Life contains antioxidants that help protect the body from free radicals, and supports cardiovascular, and brain health. This product also promotes a strong immune system, and natural bodily functions.

Weight Loss can cause your body to release toxins that the body naturally tries to wall off within fat cells to protect the body. When the concentration of toxins in your body increases due to a decrease in the area they normally inhabit, your body is driven to create more fat and continue the cycle of walling off the toxins to protect itself. This is what can lead some to what is known as yo-yo dieting. You lose weight, your body is driven to the cookie jar, you gain weight back and the cycle continues. Cleanse for Life helps the body naturally remove these toxins and as a result the yo-yo dieting cycle is broken! Continuing a cleansing regime daily for a rotational cleansing schedule either weekly or monthly helps to maintain this nutritional balance and keeps the body rid of toxins that is naturally encounters.

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Deep and daily cleansing supports mental and physical health, and helps body cope with oxidative stress and overall health of the digestive system. What is the difference between Deep and Daily Cleansing? Everyday cleansing helps the body naturally remove impurities that are built up in your body. Deep cleansing helps aid in the removal of contaminants that collect deep in the body over a period of time. Deep cleansing also has the added benefit of weight loss.

• Every day cleansing: Use 1 scoop powder or 1-2 oz. of liquid twice daily
• Deep cleansing: use 2 scoops powder or 4 oz. of liquid up to 4 times daily (usually this is done as part of Isagenix Cleansing and Fat Burning System, either 9 day or 30 day systems)

This product is available in the flavor of Natural Rich Berry, in liquid or powder form.
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