If I Only Had 5 Exercises

If I Only Had 5 Exercises
If I only had five exercises, these would be my top exercises…
  1. Deadlift

  2. Push-Up

  3. Split Squat

  4. Chin-Up

  5. Farmer Carry

I would choose these five exercises. They cover all bases and address the Five Primary Movement Patterns essential for life.
  1. Hip Hinge – picking things up off the ground.

  2. Upper Body Pushing – pretty much what it sounds like. There are almost an endless amount of variations for different levels.

  3. Squat (Single Leg Variation) – lowering things toward the ground while also focusing on balance.

  4. Upper Body Pulling – pretty much what it sounds like.

  5. Core (Carrying Variation) – maintaining core position while doing a day-to-day activity; basically a moving Plank.

If I only had five exercises but still wanted to move better, be stronger and build a more athletic physique I could do it with these five exercises. In fact, all five of them are main elements of the programming that I follow on a week-to-week basis.
I still do accessory exercises and have different variations in my workouts. Yet, my programming still comes down to an element that applies to all our members. We need to keep getting better at the basics and the things that apply the most to our lives. After all, we’re working out to get better at life – not to get better at working out.



Adam Shores

Pursuit Fitness and Performance