Influence & Fuducation

Influence & Fuducation

[Fuducation – noun: an education on how to eat real food]

Do you know that you influence people? Do you know that you influence people everyday without noticing you are?

It could be a moment in time you didn’t set out to change someone’s life, but you did. Perhaps you said something that changed someone in a subtle way or maybe something so influential, you literally set that person on a new path in life.

It’s heady if you think about it.

What strikes me as interesting about this is that as the Creator of the Balanced Habits nutrition programs, I meet literally thousands of people who as adults are “un-doing” the negative influence their good meaning parents had on them as children growing and developing habits, with food in this case. This influence wasn’t meant to fester into a habit, but it did in many cases.

Children are taught to eat when they are sad “Honey, I can see you’re struggling, let’s go get an ice cream.” Or, “Sweetie! Congratulations! Let’s go out and celebrate at The Cheesecake Factory!” Or, “Darling, you are working so hard playing soccer, football, baseball, track, you need to eat a snack before bed.”

How many other instances can you insert your own habit building influence from someone who meant well, but helped you develop a habit you are really struggling with now as an adult?

Someone recently asked me how it was possible to develop “balanced habits” and he didn’t mean my company name. My answer? PRACTICE. It just requires practice. Just like an athlete who is perfecting his sport, developing habits simply takes lots and lots of practice. Practice saying; “No thank you,” or “Oh I don’t eat that, it keeps me from my goals.”

Once you practice anything, the brain gets better and better at saying it and this is absolutely no different than perfecting a sport.

Today, since we’re at it, here’s a great tip. Remove “can’t” from your vocabulary. Replace it with “don’t.” Can’t is a weak, non-committal way of saying that you feel bad that you are unable to do something. “Oh, no, I am on a diet…..I can’t eat cookies anymore.” (insert sad and defeated emoji face) People will challenge you “Of course you can have just one cookie! You’ve been so good all week!” The sabotage “friend” senses your weakness and will strike! Don’t is a strong word that takes ownership of the decision you made and says that you are in charge of your choice. “Oh, no, I don’t eat cookies anymore. Cookies keep me from reaching my goals.” (insert strong happy emoji face). People won’t challenge you because you made a strong and positive statement. “Wow that’s awesome, I wish I could be that strong!”

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