It’s easy to feel a little hopeless when you try to slip on a pair of pants and they don’t exactly, well… slip on.

As we get older, our metabolic rate naturally slows down and our body’s muscle mass starts to shrink. Then our hormones start to shift. We get sidetracked with family and work responsibilities.  Suddenly our stress levels have skyrocketed, we lose sight of what we are eating and our exercise routines have come to a screeching halt.

And then the scale tells us what we don’t want to hear.  We get upset.  We eat more. And exercise less.  And our happy, confident, “in-control” selves start to slip away.

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With the right method, the right guidance, and the right environment, it’s possible to find your “old self” again right here at PFP.

There are obvious risks when we’re not fit. Excess weight makes you more likely to have high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and some cancers. It’s even linked to asthma and sleeping problems.

But even when we’ve managed to avoid these problems (at least for now), we can’t easily escape the sluggishness, discomfort and unease we feel when we’re not at our best.

That’s exactly what we want to help you overcome at Pursuit Fitness. Whether you choose our group program or semi-private training, the P3 Method focuses on YOU:
your goals, your fitness levels and your priorities.



Of course we start with a personal fitness assessment. But we don’t stop there. We want to get to know what you hope to accomplish inside the gym, and what motivates and inspires you outside of the gym. We want to create a genuine relationship and meet you where they are so we can build an exercise and nutrition program that perfectly fits YOU. We want to help you set goals and put the right action steps in place so you can achieve extraordinary results.


We don’t expect you to perform each exercise and plan each meal to perfection (although it’s awesome when you do!).  We use a color-band system so every trainer knows exactly what exercises are appropriate and safe for you; and a phased workout that continuously builds from one session to the next.  With our guidance, you make changes in your eating habits so that your diet improves over time. Our Method was developed so that our members can discover what they’re truly capable of.


We’re all in this together. That means you and our trainers. But it also means you and our other members. We have an environment that’s completely different than anything else in St. Louis. When you finally lift the kettlebell weight you’ve been working toward, we’re all going to get excited for you. If you skip a workout, we’re all going to let you know that you were missed. We’re the PFP community, and we work hard together, celebrate each other’s successes, and inspire each other so we can all succeed.

“When you feel good about yourself,
you’re happier in life.”

That’s what one of our members recently told us.

We’ve helped our members shed excess pounds.

But we’ve also helped them to regain the confidence they lost, to have better eating habits, and to be able to sleep better so they can live long, healthy, and happy lives with the people they care about the most.

But don’t take it solely from us.
Hear directly from our members.

Lots of people try to regain their fitness on their own. You might be part of this cycle:  Join a program. Join a gym.  Buy an exercise video. Start off strong. Lose interest. Get off track for a few days. Get back on track. Lose interest. Stop entirely. Feel uneasy, guilty and sad. Then start all over again.

It’s not fun to try and fail and try and fail…over and over again.

At PFP, our experts know exactly what the roadblocks are that keep you in that failing cycle, and our P3 Method is designed specifically so that you can FINALLY break through.

Our trainers are experts in fitness  and committed to ongoing professional development. Ryan Morgan, founder and CEO, holds a BS in Exercise Science from Rockhurst University and is a certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Functional Movement Screen Specialist.

Through his own experience as a professional baseball player with the Kansas City Royals, his strength training and development working with elite athletes and his continuous pursuit of knowledge from the best in fitness industry he developed his own philosophy for training which has evolved into the P3 Method. Through the years he has helped individuals from the ages of 15-70 reach their goals with weight loss, pain management, strength and functional movement.

All of us work hard to make sure you understand all the factors that play into your fitness. We inspire you to show up. Then once you’re here…

…we don’t let you give any less than 100%.

We switch things up.

We keep you safe.

We move you forward.

And  at the end of their workout, our members are always happy they came.


Simply sign up for a Free Success Session with Ryan, the founder of PFP and creator of the P3 Method.

Then you can find out for certain how Pursuit Fitness can help you achieve your long term fitness goals.

There’s no risk.

We’re not going to give you a hard sell.

We just want to spend some time with you so we can each discover if we’re a good fit.


Take this simple step right now and you’ll be on the road to uncovering the best version of yourself.

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