How Can You Tell Which Fitness and Health Information is True?

How Can You Tell Which Fitness and Health Information is True?

Should you believe all of the fitness and health information you read?  Which articles or promises are true?

I can say with confidence that if you’ve Googled any combination of the words:
  • fat-loss
  • fast weight loss
  • get in shape fast
Or anything along those lines, article after article popped up with exercises galore! Several images of animated women modeling exercises with no explanation crowded your feed. Headlines like 7 DAYS TO FLAT ABS or CRUSH YOUR CARDIO FOR A SLIM WAIST caught your eye.
Then when you take the time to read the articles you only become more confused…
Some articles tell you that lifting weights for women is bad and only cardio is good. Other articles claim only weight training will help you lose weight. Plus, there are fad diets, cleanses and dangerous medical short cuts. It is no wonder that people have no idea where to start. If they do, it’s usually the marketing that causes them to make the decision not the actual science and research!
If you have felt like this before I want you to know that you are NORMAL. It is easy to get tricked into trying these programs. Unless you have studied these topics at school or know the sources, you would not know the difference.
But we are here to help. First and foremost, we want to you to know…
There aren’t many absolutes in the world of fitness. Which is what makes it so frustrating for some and fascinating for others! So what does that mean? Do you say forget it all and start this momentous journey on your own? There’s plenty of stories online about men and women who did that!
You could do the same. Or you can continue reading for tips that might help you make educated decisions for yourself.


There are a TON of websites that throw buzzwords into their titles to make them seem as legit as possible.
Here are simple little words used to catch your eye and immediately earn your trust:
healthy, fit, expert-tested, doctor recommended.
It’s not hard to throw any of those words into a headline and get a million hits. BUT, I would STRONGLY tell you to research the “professionals” you’re taking advice from.
Any Joe Schmoe with a computer can put things on the internet. Look into the authors listed and do a search on them as well. Are they certified? The American Council on Exercise or the National Association of Sports Medicine are solid, reputable organizations.
Do they even work in a gym or in the field they’re preaching about? Are they selling a program to you? That doesn’t sound super fun or fast. But this is your health you’re about to alter based on the advice of strangers on the Internet. I, for one, feel like that’s something I’d want to be vigilant about.
Consider looking into fitness professionals in your area and speaking with them! I know it’s not ideal in some situations because you might find yourself in the middle of a sales pitch. But there are some devoted fitness professionals out there who only want to help and will even do it for free.


I know I said there aren’t many absolutes in fitness. But I am confident in saying that the whole concept of 7 days to pretty much anything is a big fat lie.
I know you’ve seen those promises of 7 days to flatter tummy or 3 day of fasting your way to a healthier you. Well, that is great and all. But how frustrating and discouraging is it to hit the end of that timeline and find yourself with little to no results? Or not knowing what to do from there?
Don’t beat yourself up because it’s beyond unrealistic! Consider what it is you’re attempting to do! If you’re ready to make a change in your life that will transform your mind and body into the healthiest version of yourself possible, you HAVE to give yourself a chance to do it!
Timelines are great but they need to be realistic and achievable. This is another thing a professional personal trainer can help with. This is where it gets a little tricky to find someone to actually help you, versus someone who wants your money. Everyone wants results as fast as possible and a lot of places swear up and down that they can give it to you. BUT consider this. What good does it do to work hard and lose all that weight if you become so riddled with injuries and aches that you can’t enjoy your new life? OR what if you get the result only to lose it within the same time that you gained it?
Does it make sense to devote time, energy and money to something that you aren’t going to be able to maintain? That’s like spending your time or money waxing and polishing your car right before a snow storm. It looks amazing for awhile, but was it worth all that money to turn heads for a day or so? You should have invested your time or your money detailing the inside of your car so you could have enjoyed the result a lot longer.
What if you follow this fad diet you jumped on and find yourself hungry ALL. THE. TIME? Give yourself a fighting chance at success by setting a realistic timeline for yourself. Consider setting a big goal and then a bunch of smaller goals. The little victories along the way which has proven to help with adherence!
One of our core beliefs at Pursuit Fitness is that this journey is about progress not perfection. We tell people their goal should be to get 1% better each day not 100% better in a week. The all or nothing approach does not work long term.


This one is the hardest. I’m not sure when it happened. But there seems to be this idea floating around that you must be miserable while you’re working out to get results. Someone decided that you should be in agony all the time, covered in sweat and struggling to stand up or sit down the next day. This isn’t the case, especially nowadays when there are SO MANY OPTIONS!
For starters, you could try our Spring Special, Nine for $99. Learn more about yourself and experience how my Team and I at Pursuit Fitness cater to those who feel frustrated with going to the gym and not knowing what to do.
Or, if you haven’t exercised in years in years and don’t even have a clue where to start. This is who we specialize in helping at Pursuit Fitness, especially those who are age 45 and older. Not only do we undertand you, but our members are like you…they all started in that same place.
This decision you’ve made to get healthier will be a lot easier to reach if you actually enjoy getting there. It will also increase the likeliness that you’ll CONTINUE even after you’ve reached your end goal! Explore everything and don’t hesitate to ask questions at each stop!
Research, question, and LEARN about this awesome new world of health and fitness. Most people are willing to help and guide you. Find the people that actually care and you will get the answers and results you are looking for.
Learn what you like, learn what’s not for you and then take action to put in the work!



Ryan Morgan

Founder and Owner

Pursuit Fitness and Performance