Tricia McCandless

Tricia McCandless
" I’ve realized that on grey, gloomy days when I’m feeling sluggish, I make myself go to the gym and I always feel better. It’s made me realize how important it is to exercise every day.”

Tricia McCandless is used to doing squats. Before she started squatting (and lifting,
jumping, crunching, lunging, etc.) at Pursuit Fitness and Performance (PFP), Tricia spent a lot of
time squatting next to small children. This past spring, she recently retired after years of
teaching preschool! “I was having trouble with my back, neck and knees from squatting so
much,” Tricia says. “I stopped working out because everything hurt.” Tricia went to see a
chiropractor who recommended PFP as a possible solution, since the trainers would be able to
tailor a workout specifically for her, so she opted to give it a try.

Tricia started at PFP and did personal training for one year. Things improved, so she
then took a few years off before returning to PFP post-retirement last summer. “It was the best
decision I ever made,” Tricia says, of her return. “I absolutely love it.” Tricia does personal
training twice a week and has recently started to incorporate group training as well. “(The
group training) is a little confusing if you haven’t done it before,” Tricia says. “So, they paired
me up with another member and it’s just been so nice.” Tricia finds that both the members and
the employees at PFP combine to make it a fun, relaxing atmosphere for her workout.

“Everyone is very encouraging and engaging,” Tricia says. “I thought I’d be uncomfortable
there, but it is very welcoming and it’s a great atmosphere. Someone even told me I did a nice
job on my plank!” Tricia feels like the trainers at PFP care about her personally, but also assist in
her overall goal of being able to work out without getting hurt. “(The trainers) really monitor
form,” Tricia says. “They make an effort to get to know you and they’re supportive. I love seeing

Tricia finds that the positive atmosphere of the gym carries over to her life at home as
well. Her new fitness and energy levels have led to positive changes throughout her lifestyle. “I
want to eat healthier because I don’t want to blow the workout I just did by eating junk,” Tricia
says. “And I’ve realized that on grey, gloomy days when I’m feeling sluggish, I make myself go to
the gym and I always feel better. It’s made me realize how important it is to exercise every

Tricia’s hard work has paid off. She’s lost weight and inches from her waistline. But she
knows that her challenges are far from over. “I really struggle with drinking enough water,”
Tricia says. “But I’ve learned from (the trainers) not to beat myself up. I’ll have good days and
bad days, but tomorrow’s always another day. Once you start it just gets easier to follow a
healthy lifestyle.”

Tricia is making progress with her goals, but she wants to continue to lose weight and
would love to master push-ups. With the help of her trainers at PFP, Tricia knows she’ll get
there. She’s already achieved goals she didn’t think would be possible for her as she enters this
new, retirement phase of her life. “I had friends going to the gym and I’d see what they did and
think ‘I can’t do that,’” Tricia says. “And now I’m doing squats again, and things I’d never been
able to do before. It’s amazing.”

Favorite exercise: RDLs on the trap bar
Least favorite exercise: Push-ups
Family: Married to her husband, Sandy, for 30 years and has 3 boys who live in New York,
Chicago and St. Louis.
Career: Retired preschool teacher
Favorite workout music: Anything MoTown
Go to healthy meal: Mixed turkey meatloaf from Schnuck’s

Looking forward to… A family trip to Maine in August and a family wedding in Vermont at
Christmas. Anything that involves her family and children!