Sue Cutright

Sue Cutright
“I want to be able to walk when I’m 95 years old,” says Sue, who is currently 63. “It’s all about balance and strength to me.”

Sue Cutright was a longtime, slow-pitch softball player who wanted to stay in shape.
About five years ago, her daughter convinced her to give Complete Fitness Results a try. “I
thought there’s no way,” Sue says. “I was so out of shape. I thought they were for sure going to
throw me out. But they kept encouraging me and I just kept going.” Sue fell in love with the
group training style workouts at the gym, and she was happy with her results. But when her
full-time job as an account manager for Southern Graphic Systems moved locations from
Brentwood to Creve Coeur, she knew she had to make a change. She liked the convenience of
working out at the end of the day before heading home for the evening, and she didn’t want to
add much more to her commute. Her trainers at Complete Fitness Results told her she should
give Pursuit Fitness and Performance a try. “They came highly recommended,” Sue says of
Pursuit. She joined immediately and found that her new, conveniently located gym, did not

Sue’s goal has never been weight loss. Her weight rarely fluctuates, and she’s always
been proud to gain muscle tone. In her workouts with Pursuit Fitness she has a different goal in
mind. “I want to be able to walk when I’m 95 years old,” says Sue, who is currently 63. “It’s all
about balance and strength to me.” She knows that her trainers at Pursuit understand her
goals. They push her to be her best, but also make sure that she is taking proper care of herself
as she trains. “They care about me and they watch me. They make sure that I don’t hurt myself
and I like that they try to help me with that,” Sue says.

Sue enjoys working with a variety of trainers, and appreciates the motivation they
provide for her during her group training sessions at Pursuit Fitness. “They’re very encouraging,
there’s no doubt about that. There’s a passion for what they do that comes through to those in
the group.” She also likes the fact that the drive to improve extends beyond the Pursuit Fitness
members, including the staff as well. “They continue their education to make themselves
better,” Sue says. But when Sue works out, she relies on both her trainers and her fellow
members for motivation. “There’s a few (members) who I love to train with,” she says. “I push
myself harder when they’re in the group. I try to be with someone who pushes me harder.”

Sue plans to focus on her goal of staying in shape, as well as other lifestyle changes in
her near future. “I’m going to leave my job at the end of March,” Sue says. “And I’m going to
start a second career as a lunch lady so that I’ll have summers off. I want to slow down and
have more time off, and not such a high-pressure job.” A new, slower lifestyle would also give
Sue plenty of time to spend with her family—including her three grandchildren. With Pursuit
Fitness’s help, her goal is to be running after her grandkids for years to come. “I’m really glad
I’m at Pursuit,” Sue says. “It’s a good place. It’s worth every penny.”

Age: 63
Favorite exercise: Planks. I can hold planks for a crazy long time. It’s kind of weird, actually.

Least favorite exercise: I have a considerable amount of arthritis in my knees, so sometimes
squats are hard.

Family: Husband and two children—a son and daughter. My son has three children ages 15, 13
and 10.

Career: Manager of the Nestle Purina Pet Care account for Southern Graphic Systems.

Favorite workout music: I’m an old head banger so I love Metallica and anything on that hard
line. But, honestly, I don’t consciously really hear it when I’m working out. I make sure my form
is good and I get in the zone.

Go to healthy meal: I like to do quinoa with some vegetables—tomato, pepper and
whatever—mixed with a can of corn and black beans.

Hobbies: My husband and I have a place at Bull Sholes Lake and we like to boat or camp when
we can. I also go to a lot of my grandkids sporting events.

Travel Plans: I’m going to Florida with my husband’s work in early February and I also have a
trip to Dallas planned in November.