Steve Emmanuel

"I cannot convey enough how much I admire everyone in the PFP building."

Steve Emanuel is not your typical Pursuit Fitness and Performance Member of the Month. For starters, he lives in Wisconsin. Last May, Steve was transferred to St. Louis to work a contract job as an installation manager for his company in the area. Steve’s transfer was slated to last for one year before he’d go back to living in Wisconsin, about a five hour drive from PFP. Before his move to St. Louis, Steve was participating in an Israeli Self-Defense class. He was looking for something similar to keep in shape in his new city, but wasn’t sure that was exactly what he wanted, or if it would bring about enough change to his lifestyle.

“When I first got (to St. Louis) my stress level was incredibly high,” Steve says. “My weight was out of control. My family has a history of heart disease, so I knew I had to do something.” Scrolling through Facebook one day, Steve came across an ad for PFP. He met with PFP owner, Ryan Morgan, and signed up for a trial month last May. After that he did the 28 day challenge in June and was hooked. He quickly found that PFP gave him what he wanted—a great workout, lifestyle change and community.

“A usual gym doesn’t give you the individualized attention (that you get at PFP),” Steve says. “(The trainers) do nothing but motivate. They’re like evil, ninja, sneaky. They’re the really kind, girl-next-door type of people who will just walk up and throw a sandbag on your back! They get the most out of you. They know how to react with each individual.”

The other clients have also helped Steve along the way. “Everybody pushes everybody else,” Steve says. “There’s competition—but everybody is also so welcoming and so fun to be around and easy to talk to.”

PFP quickly became Steve’s favorite part of living in his new city. Soon, he found himself going to classes at PFP every night of the week. When his wife came to visit from Wisconsin, he was pleased that PFP allowed him to purchase a temporary package for her while she was in town so that they could work out together. “You can’t stop going,” Steve says. “The workouts sell themselves. It’s an addicting place. I love being home, but (PFP) is a close second.”

In the last year, Steve has lost 35 pounds, finds he has much more energy and sleeps better at night. He’s adjusted his lifestyle so that now he pays more attention to what he’s eating—a challenge for someone who is often on the road. “It saved my life,” Steve says. “It’s just the philosophy of it. (Trainer) Adam’s workouts combined with Anna’s nutrition stuff is just a recipe for a better life.”

Now that Steve’s year in St. Louis is up, he’s had to move back to Wisconsin for work. However, he couldn’t stay away for long. As soon as his move was complete he immediately planned a trip back to St. Louis to visit friends and to participate in a PFP sponsored hike. “I cannot convey enough how much I admire everyone in the PFP building,” Steve says. “The desire to get better from the clients, the camaraderie, everybody is just so comfortable. They’re just absolutely amazing people that I honestly thought no longer existed. I deal with a lot of negativity in my job. PFP was so refreshing for me. Not just physically, but having faith in the human race again. These people are so real and genuine. I’ve never experienced that in my 49 years. These people have given me life. Everybody there is worthy of Member of the Month. They are just amazing people.”


FAVORITE EXERCISE? All of the exercises are amazing! But I do love the sledge hammers and tire flipping.

LEAST FAVORITE EXERCISE? I struggle with pull ups.  A year later, and 35 pounds lighter, I can actually do a pull up, so I’m excited about that.

FAVORITE HEALTHY RECIPE? Anything with grilled chicken

FAMILY? Married to wife, Megs, for 7 years. One son is finishing a mechanics degree in Illinois and a daughter is married to an Air Force man in Tampa. We spend a lot of time in Tampa with the grandbabies.

FAVORITE WORKOUT SONG? I love classic rock. But they could play Mozart and I’d still give 110%. I don’t care what I listen to, I just get after it.

GOALS FOR 2017? Continuing a healthy lifestyle. I can’t back up from what I’ve done over the last year. It would be a waste of my efforts and the efforts of the other clients and the trainers. I also want to stay in touch with my friends from St. Louis.