Stephen Hoffman

Stephen Hoffman
Diet was the thing I was most worried about. I didn't know where to start. Pursuit Fitness really helped me.

Last fall, Stephen was looking to change his lifestyle, so he sought out a new gym. “I’ve tried a few big gyms briefly in the past,” Stephen says. “And I didn’t really like that. So, I started looking for smaller, more personal gyms and I looked at Pursuit Fitness and Performance (PFP).”

Stephen liked the environment at PFP and decided to join. Plus, the flexible gym times and schedule allowed him to fit his workouts into his unique work/life balance. “I usually work out at 3 o’clock after getting off of work,” Stephen says. “I do personal training three times a week.”

PFP has been a perfect fit for Stephen in regard to helping him make the lifestyle changes he was seeking as well. “Diet was the thing I was most worried about,” Stephen says. “I didn’t know where to start.” Stephen joined PFP’s Balanced Habits program, and soon learned how to choose the right foods and the right timing for his meals. “It really helped me to figure out what to eat and when and gave me the flexibility to make it work with my schedule,” Stephen says.

Since starting Balanced Habits and working out at PFP, Stephen has lost 55 pounds. He now incorporates his new, healthy lifestyle into his work-life routine, typically stir-frying shrimpand lots of vegetables on his days off to make meals for the entire week and eating eggs at midnight to start off his shift at the airport. “I have all of the knowledge I need to continue forward,” Stephen says. “It’s been a very beneficial, positive experience.”

Some key players in imparting that knowledge to Stephen have been the trainers at PFP.  “Adam has been able to work with me to get a custom routine for me that goes the way I want it to,” Stephen says. “Anna has been really supportive as well.” Stephen likes that the gym is small, so that the trainers are actually involved in the members’ workouts. “There’s instant feedback. You’re not just wandering around a large gym with someone checking in on you maybe every ten minutes. The other members are encouraging too. Everyone is working to support you.”

Stephen has worked hard since he joined PFP, and has accomplished some tremendous goals, but he’s not done yet. “I’m trying to get down to 180 pounds and I want to enjoy the summer with the shirt off and not feel self-conscious about it,” Stephen says. So, Stephen plans to stay committed to his diet and his workouts, despite the challenges his schedule presents to him. Luckily, he’s found an encouraging, supportive community at PFP. “You’re not all alone there,” Stephen says. “It’s not all on you. Everyone’s there for help and support.”

Favorite exercise: Anything with the rope weights.

Least favorite exercise: The suitcase walks. Not a big fan of that. I do enough of that at work!

Pets: I have two cats—Tassie and Vanna.

Favorite workout music: I don’t usually listen to music when I work out. Anything with a decent
beat to it works for me, as long as I can synchronize my breathing.

Go to healthy meal: I cook with shrimp almost every day. Stir fry it, bake it, chop it up.

Looking forward to… Going to Coronado in June to spend my birthday week.

Craziest thing you’ve seen in someone’s suitcase at work: There was a suitcase stuffed with fish. Not frozen. Not filleted. Not preserved. Just whole fish. It was in their carry on. They said that they just wanted the fish, so we just let it go with that.