Shannon Leonberger

Shannon Leonberger
“I’m stronger and I have more energy. I can tell in just the way that I feel and the way that my clothes fit that it is working."

Shannon Leonberger was never a stranger to exercise, but she lacked consistency. She
was a dancer while growing up, but as an adult Shannon struggled with finding an exercise
routine that worked with her busy work/family life. She tried to go to the gym in her work place
as often as possible or sign up for a Zumba or other subscription class here or there, but
nothing really stuck. In the spring of 2017, Shannon found new motivation. She was planning a
trip to Europe in a few short months, and she was the heaviest weight she’d ever been. A friend
of hers worked out at Pursuit Fitness and Performance (PFP) and highly recommended the gym.
Shannon decided to give it a try.

Shannon signed up for personal training once a week and group training classes twice a
week. Immediately, she noticed a change. “I noticed a big increase in my strength just with
regular, everyday things like carrying in the groceries or playing with my kids,” says Shannon,
who is mom to a 10 and 5-year-old. “I’m stronger and I have more energy. I can tell in just the
way that I feel and the way that my clothes fit that it is working.”

Shannon likes that she can work on her own, personal goals during her personal training
sessions, while still benefitting from the camaraderie the gym is well known for during her
group training classes. “It is very much like a family,” Shannon says. “You get to know the
people you work out with and we’re always happy to see each other and give each other
encouragement. There’s always plenty of laughing during the workout.” She’s also benefitted
from the expertise and repertoire she has with her trainers. “They really are invested in their
members,” Shannon says. “It’s not just a volume game. They get to know everyone on a
personal level. They’ll reach out to you if you miss a class. You get one on one attention. There’s
that accountability.”

The accountability was what Shannon was missing from her previous workout
experiences, and it is what has benefitted her so much at PFP, especially when it comes for her
biggest challenge—nutrition. “I did the Balanced Habits program for six months with Anna,”
Shannon says. “That really gave me a good foundation to work from in regard to building
balanced meals and portion sizes, so even if I indulge I attempt to balance it out.” Shannon has
a busy lifestyle, but she tries to incorporate the Balanced Habits ideals into her every day
routine, focusing on protein for breakfast and making sure if she has to grab something on the
go that it is still in line with a three-unit meal as recommended by the program. She’s seen
results, but she does have a goal to continue working to lose more pounds and body fat and
continue to increase her strength and energy.

Of her time at PFP, Shannon says, “It’s unlike any fitness experience you’ll ever have.” As
she works to meet her goals, she continues to enjoy the positive atmosphere and contagious
attitude prevalent at the gym. “It’s that feeling of ‘Yes, you can do this!’” Shannon says. “It’s
been a really great experience.”


Favorite exercise: Wall balls

Least favorite exercise: The strap with the glute bridges

Family: Husband, 10-year-old son and 5-year-old daughter

Career: Works for Bank of America (and is also the Treasurer of the school PTO, of course!)

Favorite workout music: Anything upbeat as long as it’s not country

Go to healthy meal: Grilled chicken and vegetables

Looking forward to… A family trip to West Virginia to see my sister and then road tripping to
Tennessee to visit my aunt.

Most unique goal: Shannon shares a story from PFP…” When I walked into personal training
Adam unintentionally scared me and then it became kind of a thing. I made it my goal to try to
scare him. So, when I found out he was leaving I showed up 15 minutes early and hid in the
office, then jumped out and scared him! I marked it on my Trainer Notes…goal checked!”

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