Paul Kalil

"My clothes are definitely smaller than they were, and it's easier to reach the floor. When you're my age, that's important!"

Paul Kalil does not look forward to getting up at 5 am. It’s dark, sometimes it’s cold, and it’s hard to wake up and be active. But three days a week, that’s what he does. His alarm goes off at 5, he has a cup of coffee, and it’s off to the gym. Usually, he’s the first one to arrive at Pursuit Fitness and Performance for the 6 am group training class.

It’s not easy, but to Paul, it’s worth it. In the year since he’s joined PFP, Paul has lost about 40 pounds. “My clothes are definitely smaller than they were, and it’s easier to reach the floor,” Paul says. “When you’re my age, that’s important!”

Paul received an email about PFP a little over a year ago. Though he grew up playing ice hockey, he’d never belonged to a gym, nor been very active as an adult. Yet he was intrigued by PFP’s personalized approach to group training. Whereas most gyms show clients around and then “set them free” to work out on their own, trainers at PFP guide clients through workouts and assist them with meeting their individualized goals. This approach appealed to Paul, so he signed up.

“(The trainers) have been very encouraging,” Paul says. “They keep an eye on my form, correct me when necessary and provide encouragement before, during and after the workout.” Paul also finds motivation from his fellow PFP clients. There is a certain camaraderie to being a member of the 6 am class. His group training classmates help him, and Paul tries to motivate them in return. “I found that at first, I didn’t really challenge myself,” Paul says. “I figured out after a while that I really needed to push myself, not just coast through the exercise, in order to get to a higher level. I like to challenge other people to do the same thing. I try to motivate them to do more.”

Despite his success, Paul has met a few challenges on his journey with PFP. Incorporating healthy nutrition and hydration into his lifestyle is something that Paul continues to work on. “Drinking water is definitely the hardest thing for me to be successful with,” Paul says. “I usually drink things that I shouldn’t drink.” He’s tried a few recommended recipes, but finds that they challenge his culinary skills just a tad. “I’m drawn to simpler foods to prepare,” Paul says. “I’m a Midwest guy so meat is what I gravitate back to. Simple fare.” To help him with his diet, Paul has discovered the “My Fitness Pal” app. “It tracks my carbs, calories and fats and I tailor it to meet my eating goals,” Paul says. It’s what works for him. He appreciates that PFP encourages clients to seek out tips and tricks that help each individual person to meet their goals.

Though Paul is challenged by his new lifestyle and routine, it’s the people at PFP that keep him motivated and keep him waking up at 5 am for his workouts each week. “It all boils down to the people there,” Paul says. “They’re all good people. They’re all a lot of fun. They all make it better to be there. That in and of itself makes it worth it to go.”


FAVORITE EXERCISE? Paul enjoys all of the exercises in a day’s circuit. He enjoys the process and pushing himself to gain the benefit of the work.

LEAST FAVORITE EXERCISE? Dumbbell front squat


FAMILY? A teenage daughter and two dogs named Chewy and Lulu

FAVORITE WORKOUT SONG? Classic rock and roll

GOALS FOR 2017? Gaining range of motion, being more in shape and fitter, and going down a clothing size