Mary Cisieweski

"After turning 50, my doctor told me that I had to exercise to reduce my stress level."

Mary Cisiewski grew up as a competitive swimmer, staying in shape by spending most of her childhood and adolescence in the pool. But college was another story. Mary headed down to New Orleans, where food and drink were plentiful. She soon found herself gaining the “freshman 15,” which started a love/hate relationship with diet and exercise that she maintained throughout her adult years. After turning 50, though, her attitude changed. “My doctor told me that I had to exercise to reduce my stress level,” Mary says. She also observed how a lack of exercise impacted her aging mother’s mobility, and she did not want the same experience for her own golden years.

Mary has belonged to other “big box” gyms in the past but found that she struggled to really commit. “I’ll find 100 excuses not to go,” she says. Scrolling through social media one day, Mary stumbled upon an ad for Pursuit Fitness and Performance (PFP). She liked that the gym’s sign up system came with built-in accountability. She felt that signing up for a specific class might force her to keep her commitment.

Mary decided to give PFP a try but was taken aback by owner Ryan Morgan’s description of PFP’s family-like environment. “Frankly, making friends wasn’t my priority.” She was there to get in shape. One year later, though, PFP worked its magic on Mary. Not only has she enjoyed seeing the physical results of her efforts, but she’s also come to love the gym’s atmosphere. “I’ve been amazed at the kindness of the members,” Mary says. “It’s a special clientele.”

Adding to PFP’s unique environment, are the trainers. “I love them,” Mary says. “They’re like family. They are so special to me.” Mary loves that the trainers are knowledgeable about the importance of dexterity, especially with their older members. “The dexterity assessment is another distinguishing factor (of PFP),” Mary says. “I didn’t realize that I had a dexterity problem until attending PFP. Thank goodness the trainers there are knowledgeable!” She appreciates how each trainer has a different, yet equally motivating training style, which has helped her to achieve real results. “My whole focus has been strengthening my core. I want to be able to get out of a chair without help when I’m an old lady.” Now, Mary sees that her arms and upper body are stronger, and her core is firmer. “I’m surprised at how much stronger I am,” she says. “It’s been a very pleasant surprise after just one year.”

Mary no longer has trouble with her commitment to a healthy lifestyle. As a busy wife, mom and Boeing executive, she still might find 100 excuses not to work out—but she no longer needs to. Now, she finds herself looking forward to her workouts. “Many Saturday mornings are spent at PFP,” Mary says. “I love the team there. PFP is a special place.”



Favorite exercise: Planks

Least favorite exercise: Hip hinges or squats. But I do like that I can do both of these now with weights! When I first started, I couldn’t even do them without weights.

Career: HR representative at Boeing

Go to healthy meal: I like to throw together lettuce, berries, feta and then some salmon tossed in the oven with lemon and pepper.

Family: Husband and 20-year-old son, Justin

Pets: A golden retriever named Zoe

Hobbies: Attending Blues and Cardinals games and country music concerts. Favorite is Kenny Chesney, and I’ll be attending the CMA Music Festival in Nashville this year!

Favorite workout music? Either 80’s music or (trainer) Anna’s “Power Women” playlist