Leslie Hendricks

“When I get there, I’m just so glad that I went. They make the workouts pretty awesome, and I just connect with it.”

Leslie has always been an athlete. Growing up, she played volleyball, basketball and ran track. She was a college volleyball player, and post-college began running to keep in shape. But life is complicated and a full-time job, three kids, including one (now adult) child with special needs and the stress of running a household add up. This has made it tough for Leslie to commit to going to a gym. As Leslie grew older, she was looking for more of a challenge, something more to keep her in shape. “I kept looking for stuff to do,” Leslie says. “But it was hard to do at home. I wasn’t motivated enough.” A friend of Leslie’s worked out at Pursuit Fitness and invited her to come along and check it out. Leslie liked what she saw. It’s been five years since that day, and she hasn’t looked back. 

Leslie’s most significant challenge with working out has always been staying motivated to show up. At typical gyms, this is a problem because nobody is holding her accountable. At Pursuit, it’s different. “(Pursuit) fits my style because I have someone holding me accountable,” Leslie says. “It’s not exactly one on one training, but it’s small enough that they know you. It’s not just a façade. (The trainers) know and remember what each person needs.”

Leslie has particularly enjoyed working with Pursuit trainer, Anna. “I have such an awesome time with Anna,” Leslie says. “She really makes me enjoy the exercises when I’m there.” Leslie found that once she got over her biggest hurdle and showed up for her workouts, she really was motivated, and Anna has helped her with that over the years. “When I get there, I’m just so glad that I went. They make the workouts pretty awesome, and I just connect with it.” 

Pursuit recommends a few fundamental lifestyle changes to optimize members’ success. For Leslie, the biggest challenges for these lifestyle changes relate to nutrition and sleep. Leslie usually wakes up before dawn to get her son ready for the day. Because of this, she also goes to bed early. But her challenge is staying asleep.

Regarding her eating habits, she feels like when her life is busy or stressful healthy eating is the first thing to go. “When things get crazy, I can fall off of it, my whole life gets thrown off, and I have to get back to it,” Leslie says. “But when I fall off, I just try to get right back on.” 

When Leslie stays consistent with her workouts and nutrition, she really can notice positive changes to her health. “I see a difference in my strength and my body shape,” Leslie says. 

For now, Leslie is just trying to regularly show up for her workouts and stick to her diet plan so that she can experience the strength and energy she sees as a part of her results.

What is one thing that makes this consistency easier? The other members and overall atmosphere at Pursuit. “They remember my name and call me by name,” Leslie says. She enjoys the friendly vibe. The fun is an additional motivating factor for her. “The fact that everyone actually knows me is pretty cool.”



Favorite exercise: I don’t have a favorite exercise, but Anna makes me enjoy doing any of the exercises when I’m there. 

Least favorite exercise: I don’t like the bags that you have to sling up on your arms. Clings with a squat. 

Go to healthy meal: Cauliflower rice with hot, braised “meat substitute” chicken (Leslie is a vegetarian). 

 Go to breakfast: I drink 32 oz. of water when I wake up and I’ll either eat a bowl of cereal or fake sausage patty or an egg. 

 Family: Three kids, Andrew who just turned 30, Aaron who is 26 and Kristin who just turned 14. 

 Career: Teacher of early childhood special education. I work with children ages 3-5 years old. Some of them are typical students and some have special needs. 

 Hobbies: Watching daughter, Kristin, play volleyball, going to the movies, going out to eat, going to church and just hanging with my friends doing nothing. 

Current Goals: Day to day trying to be more consistent with my workouts and my eating habits. 

 Looking forward to…Getting house repairs done! Painting the inside, and just doing a lot of basic repairs around here. Also, relaxing in summertime and getting this school year over.