Kim Gerth

"I quickly discovered that Pursuit is not your typical gym. No one is really looking at anyone else there. Everyone is just doing what works for them, making it so much more accepting and inclusive no matter you are in your fitness journey.”

Kim Gerth wanted to feel strong and fit. She’d tried exercise programs before—yoga or a running class, whatever opportunities came up. But Kim had a bad knee. “Everything I tried I ended up getting hurt, so I’d stop,” Kim says. About two years ago, however, Kim was casually scrolling through Facebook when she saw a video posted by Pursuit Fitness and Performance explaining their functional movement screening and how they teach their members proper form so that they can avoid getting hurt. “I thought maybe that’s what I was missing,” Kim says. “No one has ever actually helped me to adjust what I’ve been doing so that I would not get hurt.” Kim signed up. She was pretty nervous when she first started, thinking people there would judge her as she learned the various exercises and routines. “But I quickly discovered that Pursuit is not your typical gym,” she says. “No one is really looking at anyone else there. Everyone is just doing what works for them, making it so much more accepting and inclusive no matter you are in your fitness journey.”

Two years later, Kim has seen the effort put into her investment at Pursuit pay off. “I’m definitely so much stronger,” Kim says. “My core strength and balance are better.” Kim recently helped her mom move furniture and was delighted by her mom’s reaction to her new found strength. She’s made it a goal to be consistent about attending her sessions at Pursuit. “It’s kind of my own personal challenge to improve myself and get further than I was before. Consistency is the key to getting stronger,” she says.

Kim’s found a familiarity with many of the tactics used by Pursuit trainers. She works as a speech therapist to preschoolers with autism and has been able to see how the techniques used to motivate members at Pursuit are similar to how she teaches her students. “(The trainers) are very good at breaking down an exercise into the smallest possible movement,” Kim says. “I may not be able to do a push up, but I may be able to work on some exercises that help me work up to that.” That’s exactly what Kim does with her preschoolers. She breaks down the skills they need to master to achieve a larger goal, and she likes seeing how this plays out at the gym.

Another tried and true preschool technique she enjoys at Pursuit? A classic, the high five. Kim uses high fives at school a lot and enjoys being on the receiving end of them at Pursuit. “People don’t give high fives out in the community a lot, so this is different than what you’ll find at most gyms,” Kim says. “Getting a high five and having someone congratulate you for the smallest thing really feels good. You don’t realize how good it feels to be on the receiving end of a high five until you are.” 

Despite the high fives, Kim’s job can often be stressful, and she finds a respite in Pursuit. When working out, Kim tends to zero in on whatever she’s doing, giving it her complete focus. “It’s really nice to go to Pursuit and be so focused that everything else in my head gets blocked out. It gives my brain a nice break,” she says. 

For now, Kim plans to continue to stay consistent and working on her goal of gaining strength. This new found strength helps her in all of her roles in life—as a teacher, mother and daughter. “I want to stay consistent and injury free,” Kim says. “When I feel strong, I feel like I can do anything.” 


Favorite exercise: Wall ball slams and rope slams

Least favorite exercise: Suitcase carries or Farmer’s walks 

Go to healthy meal: Anything with grilled chicken. I like to marinate it in dressing and put it together with veggies.  

Go to breakfast: Eggs for protein and some fruit

Family: I have twin boys who are 23 and are high functioning on the autism spectrum. They’re both in school studying music and music theory. I have a 25-year-old daughter who is an art teacher. 

Hobbies: Hiking, riding my bike, anything where I can get outside and get a break to focus on other things

Favorite workout music? Anything upbeat and positive

Looking forward to…Having fun with kids while they’re home for the summer. We go to the Missouri Botanical Gardens, hiking, whatever they want to do!