Katie Brunton

Pursuit Fitness Member of the Month Katie Brunton
"“I was busting out of my fat pants when I first started,” Katie says. “And now I’m almost two full pants sizes down. I’ve lost 20 pounds in four months and I’ve got more muscle tone and a ton more energy. I just feel better.!"

Katie Brunton knew exactly what she was looking for in a gym. Group training was important, as were challenging workouts. She knew that she definitely did not want to join another “big box” corporate gym. Location was also important. With her crazy work schedule Katie knew that if her gym was not conveniently located near her workplace her accountability would suffer. When Katie moved from Atlanta to St. Louis last December the search was on for her perfect gym. She began with Google, looking first for something close to her office, and very quickly came across Pursuit Fitness and Performance (PFP). Katie signed up for PFP’s group training program and quickly realized that it was exactly what she was looking for.

“It’s just so much more personal,” Katie says. “I get the same level of attention from (PFP owner) Ryan and all of the other trainers as if I was working out one on one. You don’t get that support at other gyms. It’s such a close-knit group.”

Katie knew that she would enjoy the group training workouts. She’d participated in group training in her gym back in Atlanta and had always enjoyed the challenge presented by the workouts. Still, she knew that workouts were a small piece of her overall health and wellness. There were other challenges she’d have to face. “I knew that nutrition, consistency and accountability would be the hardest part,” Katie says. “I did the January Balanced Habits Kick Start program and that was a big change for me.” Working with coaches and a Kick Start team Katie learned how to understand nutrition, finding that the program’s goals were actually “completely doable.” “There weren’t any really restrictive overall complicated rules to it,” Katie says. “It took nutrition to a very understandable place for me, and I’ve been continuing the program since March.”

Between her workouts and her nutritional goals, Katie has worked hard to achieve results. “I was busting out of my fat pants when I first started,” Katie says. “And now I’m almost two full pants sizes down. I’ve lost 20 pounds in four months and I’ve got more muscle tone and a ton more energy. I just feel better.” Katie is still working toward her goal weight, but she’s excited to see how far the knowledge she learned in the Balanced Habits program will take her this summer.

Most importantly, Katie feels that she has a team of people supporting her in her goals—including both the gym’s employees and fellow clients. “I usually work out with (trainer) Katie,” Katie says. “She’s always pushing me and challenging me on the weights. Anna is my food coach for Balanced Habits and between the two of them, they’ve completely changed my entire body. They’ve just been huge supporters of my journey.” Katie typically exercises right after she leaves work, and finds that she’s usually with the same group of people. “We continuously motivate each other,” she says. “They know why you’re doing it and they’re doing the same thing. It’s extremely encouraging.”

Katie moved to St. Louis to be near her family, but found that through PFP she’s gained a new family, of sorts, as well. “It’s more than just a place to work out,” Katie says. “It’s a second family. I have a lot of fun when I go there, so I don’t think about or worry about making excuses. I just go because it’s so much fun.”


FAVORITE EXERCISE? Tire flips or burpees


FAVORITE HEALTHY RECIPE? I usually make taco meat at least once a week and I’ll make salads or burritos out of it. It’s really versatile and quick meal prep.

GO TO BREAKFAST? I typically make a smoothie from the Balanced Habits recipe book.

EASIEST LIFESTYLE CHANGE? Drinking water has been easy for me. I quit soda a few years ago.

PETS? I have two dogs named Max and Sadie.

FUN FACT? Before I moved to St. Louis I used to teach self-defense classes in Atlanta.

FAVORITE WORKOUT SONG? Anything that is upbeat and that I can sing along to in my head while I work out. I’m not super excited about rap music.

SUMMER PLANS? I just bought a house so vacations are kind of on the back burner right now.